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Criss Angel’s Verbal Volley: Hear the Tape

Inside Magic Image of Criss AngelIllusionist Criss Angel and magician Joe Safuto (a/k/a Joe Monte) are no longer working together. That is about all we know for sure. The dust was flying and has yet to settle.

The two sparred verbally (and according to Safuto, physically) this past Wednesday at Angel's business offices on Sunset Road in Las Vegas. The star of the Cirque du Soleil's Believe at the Luxor and Mindfreak on A&E and his former employee can be heard exchanging threats and demands in a 55 second clip from an apparently longer audio tape. You can hear the audio tape in the Inside Magic Library by clicking here.

Safuto spoke to The Las Vegas Review Journal after meeting with police. He said he has known Angel since the mid-1980s and worked to produce magic for the illusionist. According to "Safuto, "I created 50 to 60 percent of the magic for Mindfreak."

Safuto told the paper he made the tape to document Angel's tendency to bully employees, "I wanted him to know how demeaning he was."

Angel denied there was a physical altercation and attributes the expletive-filled shouts on Safuto – the one with the tape recorder. Robin Leach notes that Angel "can be heard at the start of the tape speaking in a normal voice before an argument begins."

Angel's attorney, Ken Woloson told Leach, "Criss Angel was in the process of firing Joe on Wednesday when [Monte] became abusive, and Criss asked him to leave."

According to the Review-Journal, Monte filed a report with the Las Vegas Police claiming Angel "flipped out" and assaulted him while removing him from Angel's office complex at 3260 W. Sunset Road.

On the audio clip apparently released by Safuto, Angel is heard saying, "Don't point your finger at me. Put your hand down."

There is a sound of commotion and then a voice, apparently Monte's, shouts, "Get off me. Don't you dare touch me!"

Monte claims Angel "grabbed me and lifted me." The Review-Journal observes Monte is 5'5" tall. Web sources place Angel's height at somewhere between 5'6" and 6'0".

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Keith Barry is coming back with a new show

Inside Magic Image of Keith Barry's Poster for the January 7, 2012 Appearance of Eight Deadly Sins How does a magician and/or mentalist top a great five week engagement at Dublin’s beautifully appointed Olympia Theatre (“theater”)?

Good question, that.

We asked a random sample of passers-by outside the Inside Magic editorial offices here in Mystic Hollow, Michigan.  Fortunately, the folks in this town know magic and magicians.  The question would make no sense otherwise.

Two of the twelve thought he should take over for Criss Angel in Las Vegas.  They were all of the opinion that Criss Angel has too much going on and that he needed to have a steady guest star.

A woman who describes herself as Criss Angel’s Number One Fan said she has seen the show five times and is not sure the Mindfreak Magician can keep it up.  “It is not an easy show to do and he’s got a lot going on so something is going to have to give.”

She knew of Keith Barry from his incredible television series here in the US.  on the Discovery Channel.  She raved about his work in the police station (the fourth episode titled “Cops and Robbers“).

One woman thought Keith Barry should perform at Victoria and Albert Hall in London.  She said the believed it was the equivalent of our Carnegie Hall.  Her friend corrected her that it was actually called The Royal Albert Hall and was built by his widow, Victoria.  Regardless, the first woman maintained, Mr. Barry would be perfect for such a “dignified setting.”

There were a smattering of non-statistically significant suggestions that we  have left out.

It turns out, Keith Barry will be back in theater (theatre in metric languages) with his killer show, Keith Barry – Eight Deadly Sins.

It will not be a long run.  Actually, it will be a very special, one-night only event on Saturday January 7 2012 at the beautifully appointed Royal Theatre Castlebar.
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Criss Angel Proposes to Girlfriend in Cabo

Inside Magic Image of a Generic Proposal - Used in Lieu of Violating Copyright Laws for Republishing Images from E!
Not Actual Photo of Criss Angel and Fiance Due to Copyright Restrictions

Magician Criss Angel popped the question to girlfriend Sandra Gonzalez last week. The two were taking some time off in beautiful Cabo San Lucas (a regular stop on ABC Television’s The Love Boat) at the time.

The magician’s public relations team describe the young couple as “ecstatic.”

The couple had just finished dinner whilst gazing upon the setting sun when Criss Angel bestowed upon Miss Gonzalez a subtle but symbolic piece of jewelry: a 5-carat princess-cut diamond on a platinum band. As one would expect, Criss Angel co-designed the token of affection.

The illusionist and star of Las Vegas’ Believe apparently anticipated an affirmative response to his life-changing question. He arranged for Miss Gonzalez’ family to join them immediately after she accepted the proposal. The public relations team also inform reporters all was capped with “fireworks began blasting overhead.”

Here is the Inside Magic strange quote of the week. It comes from E!’s story on the proposal:

This will be Angel’s second marriage, his first having ended in 2006 after four years and one instance of the husband being buried alive. He also dated Holly Madison for awhile.

We are not sure what the author intended by the two sentences. Actually, we’re puzzled over the “his first having ended in 2006 after four years and one instance of the husband being buried alive.”

It could be this is a clever use of metaphor or a literal use of public relations hyperbole or neither or both.

The Holly Madison bit is thrown in to confuse and confound – to ensure readers will not easily understand whether the “buried alive” statement is fanciful language or a description of an illusion Criss Angel performed about the same time as he was dating Playboy Playmate Holly Madison and performing an endurance stunt in public.

Regardless, we wish the young couple the best of luck. We will keep Inside Magic readers apprised of developments and wedding date scheduling.

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Criss Angel to Auction Custom Magic Autos

The article reads like a Criss Angel press release but it is a bona fide piece written by a real journalist. The news? Criss Angel is going to sell some of his cars and motorcycles at the prestigious Barrett-Jackson collector-car auction in Las Vegas.

All of the vehicles will have appeared in the Mindfreak television series. Criss Angel’s brother has bundled one of his vehicles with the lot.

“Each of these vehicles is a star in its own right,” JD said. “The key is that each vehicle has appeared on Mindfreak multiple media specials and TV shows, car shows and displays at the casinos.”

Criss Angel and his two brothers, JD and Costa own nearly 100 cars and motorcycles. According to the article, the Vegas illusionist is offering his speciality ‘Mindfreak’ Hummer H2 replete with “Houdini-inspired custom features.” We don’t know what that means. Perhaps the door locks need a key or a pick to open – even if you are inside at the time.

We thought about the concept of a mini-tank being inspired by Houdini and suddenly something stirred or just fell over in our addled brain’s memory ganglia. We recalled a press release from way back in 2006 – 2007 announcing the birth of the new show car.

“This completely custom Hummer H2 project was conceived in the dark spirit of Criss Angel’s A&E series “Mindfreak. The closer you get to this show vehicle, the more magical things you’ll find.” adds Alden Stiefel, “Original artifacts from Houdini’s era were discretely added into the Mindfreak Hummer’s design features. Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle, and New York City’s Martinka Magic Shop, once owned by Harry Houdini, supplied many of these magic props. Maxxsonics & RealWheels plan to share this magic vehicle with others, by making this captivating Hummer H2 available at events country-wide over the next 18-24 months.
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Criss Angel: Magic Broadcasting Network Ready for Launch

Inside Magic Image of Countdown Screen Currently in Place at Criss Angel's TheMagicPlace.comMagician Criss Angel’s Magic Broadcasting Network (“MBN”) is on the pad, into its final countdown and making final safety checks before its launch into the interweb net.

In keeping with the astronaut theme, we note Angel’s launch party will come with major star-power.

The site takes flight at Monday evening at 9:00 p.m. (midnight EDT) when Robin Leach introduces Angel; who in turn welcomes Siegfried Fischbacher, Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, David Hasselhoff and Flavor Flav.

We understand the television studio is located right on the strip and is fully “tricked out” with the latest 3D animation, video technology, and soundstages for the 14 shows on the initial schedule.

(See what we did there?  “Tricked out” and Criss Angel is a magician who is launching a magic-oriented television and web portal? Our wit is so sharp we can shave just by bumping up against it in the morning).

Robin Leach will be tweeting and reporting from the fete Tuesday.  Check out his preview and schedule here: Criss Angel readies launch of his online Magic Broadcasting Network – Las Vegas Sun.

Best Cellmate? Criss Angel or David Blaine, Of Course

Inside Magic Image of Alternative Cellmate From The Hardball Talk blog over at NBC Sports. Writer Craig Calcaterra answers readers tweeted questions. Most were non-magic-centric save this one.

Q: If you had to live in a 10×10 cell with one celebrity, who would it be? If you could punch anyone in the head, who?

The cell is an interesting question. I’m going to assume that this will be a traditional jail setting and not some sort of fantasy love nest, so I’ll avoid saying the obviously piggy male kind of thing [cough] Carla Gugino [cough]. I’ll go with one of those obnoxious street magic guys like David Blaine or Criss Angel or whoever, because they probably have sufficient skills to aid in an escape attempt. Coincidentally, they are also the people I would most like to punch in the head, so it’s pretty darn convenient.

via You asked me questions on Twitter. So I shall answer them. | HardballTalk.

Criss Angel’s Plans for MagicPlace.Com Portal

Inside Magic Image of Criss AngelThere is one thing we can say for Criss Angel, he never does thing halfway. Many a magi have performed levitations but only one did it on top of a Las Vegas Casino. Criss Angel is taking the same philosophy to the web and broadcast world.

The illusionist leaked word of the August 2011 launch of MagicPlace.com to Robin Leach. Robin, in turn, shared the news with about a few million readers of his Luxe Life column in the Las Vegas blog, VegasDeluxe.com. Criss Angel told the cigar-chomping reporter of all things rich, famous, and glittery the site will be a combination of a broadcast network, magic portal, magic store, and magician school and talent agency.

Criss Angel intends on having 14 magic shows produced and “aired” each week. He will handle the hosting duty for four and enlist additional talent for the remaining ten shows.

The Pierced One told Robin Leach, “It’s completely different from anything ever attempted before on or off the Internet. I’m insanely passionate about it. I believe it will ultimately revolutionize the way people experience everything magic. There’s nothing in the world like it.”
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Michael Griffin: To Live or Die at Noon Today

Inside Magic Favorite Michael Griffin is also known to fans by his well-earned title, “America’s Escape Hero.”

He could add a third appellation to his business card this afternoon, “Not Criss Angel.”

Of course that assumes he survives a very dangerous escape; otherwise he will be known as Michael Griffin “The Angel.”

Michael is, as far as we know, the only two-time winner of the World Magic Awards Best Escape Artist.

Readers know we have a tough time watching underwater or underground escapes. The elements of earth and sea do not always cooperate with a performer: currents shift, burial plots cave in. Like a lion tamer, the escape artist can perform only if the adversary behaves or at least behaves predictably.

Michael Griffin will sink to the bottom of the strong-willed Ohio River at noon today.

A committee will bind him in shackles, chains, and more chains all locked to a 20 pound cinder block designed to pull him from the surface to the river bed where he will either escape or stay forever.

If you are in the Marietta, Ohio area, you can see the stunt at the Public dock located at the ends of Front and Post Streets by the Lafayette Hotel.

And speaking of the Lafayette Hotel, Michael is performing a full show tomorrow (Saturday) night at 8:00 pm. He hopes the escape will give an enticing taste of what will be served in full courses tomorrow night.

But other than promoting his show, why would Michael Griffin risk his life?

As a special sneak preview for his show Saturday night 8:00PM Oct 30 at the historic Lafayette Hotel http://www.thelafayettehotel.com.Why is Michael Griffin willing to challenge death by drowning handcuffed, shackled and weighted down?

We hear Michael wants to perform the escape to show people what a real escape artist does for a living. Once he sinks into the rapid current of the watery boundary between Ohio and West Virginia, his survival depends on his ability to stay calm and execute the escape. There are no camera angles, no re-takes, no stooges or hidden assistants with keys and spare canisters of air.

In short, Michael Griffin will perform a very real escape with very real risks before a very real audience. Not, he points out, some scene created for TV, “a Chris Angel style camera tricks and paid stooges.”

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Heat Packing Angel Scares Beauty Contestants

Norm Clarke, Inside Magic Favorite Vegas Columnist from The Las Vegas Review-Journal , asks a valid question:

Should a pageant judge known for his public outbursts be allowed to pack heat to the Miss Universe finals?

The Miss Universe judge in question is magician Criss Angel.  The heat he is packing is a firearm, not Jim Pace's iconic (and often knocked-off) Electric Hot Leads

He has a license to carry.  By the way, the cool way to talk about concealed weapons is to not provide the noun.  So, one would say, "I have a permit to carry; you have a permit to carry; he,she,it have permits to carry." 

We don't know what type of weapon Criss Angel carries. We also don't know why he carries.  There were rumors a couple of years ago that because he was living at the Luxor whilst he worked on Believe! and his Mind Freak series, fans would have an opportunity to flock him. 

We have always been against shooting flocking fans.  In fact, Harper Lee confessed on an old Dick Cavett Show the original title of her Pulitzer Award winning novel was titled To Kill a Flocking Fan.  Apparently because lead character Atticus Finch had a heavy southern drawl, there was concern this line could pose censorship issues. 

Norm Clarke credits Richard Abowitz for bringing the issue to the fore.  You can read the blog post that got it all started at www.goldplateddoor.com.

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22,000 Square Feet for Criss Angel

 happy in above ground pool littleRobin Leach goes full bore with a virtual open house tour of Criss Angel’s new home in Nevada.

Nicknamed Serenity, Robin Leach describes it blithely as “inspired by an Old World Tuscan castle, Criss Angel’s extraordinary 22,000-square-foot home is a breathtaking 2 1/2-acre mountaintop paradise with spectacular views of the mountains and the entire Las Vegas Strip.”

How nice is it?

Well, The Association of Pool and Spa professionals named his 22,000 square-foot pool and spa as one of the “Top Five Most Beautiful Residential Pools in America, and it won the Gold International Award.”

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