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Criss Angel to Auction Custom Magic Autos

The article reads like a Criss Angel press release but it is a bona fide piece written by a real journalist. The news? Criss Angel is going to sell some of his cars and motorcycles at the prestigious Barrett-Jackson collector-car auction in Las Vegas.

All of the vehicles will have appeared in the Mindfreak television series. Criss Angel’s brother has bundled one of his vehicles with the lot.

“Each of these vehicles is a star in its own right,” JD said. “The key is that each vehicle has appeared on Mindfreak multiple media specials and TV shows, car shows and displays at the casinos.”

Criss Angel and his two brothers, JD and Costa own nearly 100 cars and motorcycles. According to the article, the Vegas illusionist is offering his speciality ‘Mindfreak’ Hummer H2 replete with “Houdini-inspired custom features.” We don’t know what that means. Perhaps the door locks need a key or a pick to open – even if you are inside at the time.

We thought about the concept of a mini-tank being inspired by Houdini and suddenly something stirred or just fell over in our addled brain’s memory ganglia. We recalled a press release from way back in 2006 – 2007 announcing the birth of the new show car.

“This completely custom Hummer H2 project was conceived in the dark spirit of Criss Angel’s A&E series “Mindfreak. The closer you get to this show vehicle, the more magical things you’ll find.” adds Alden Stiefel, “Original artifacts from Houdini’s era were discretely added into the Mindfreak Hummer’s design features. Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle, and New York City’s Martinka Magic Shop, once owned by Harry Houdini, supplied many of these magic props. Maxxsonics & RealWheels plan to share this magic vehicle with others, by making this captivating Hummer H2 available at events country-wide over the next 18-24 months.
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