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Magician Arthur Trace Comes to Venice California

Inside Magic Favorite Arthur TraceArthur Trace is an Inside Magic Favorite Magician from our hometown of Chicago.  That should be enough for this article: a complete endorsement of Mr. Trace and description of his background as well as his particular talent.  But we feel something stirring deep in our soul to share more about him and his upcoming one-man show in Venice, California.

Mr. Trace, as our social media team wrote last night on Twitter (@insidemagic), is to “magic what magic is to life.”  It is so true.  His magic transcends tricks or even sophisticated manipulation – both of which are contained in his act.  To watch Mr. Trace perform is similar to watching a tightrope walker.  As a magician, we worry about other magicians when they perform magic requiring incredible skills – we don’t want them to fail or fall.  We have seen Mr. Trace walk that taut wire many times and he has never fallen to the magic equivalent of a horrible true finale.  He does not even come close.  His skill set is so highly developed that there is no risk of failure; only entertainment and complete entertainment at that.

He is a delightful person and deserving of the fame he has received and continues to receive.  It says quite a lot about someone who is beloved by the public viewers of an act as well as his fellow performers with whom he spends times between shows.

If you are in Southern California or can get here by September 15th, do make reservations to see a true Magic Genius at the cozy Electric Lodge Theater.

Mr. Trace’s advertisement provides some clues as to what you will experience:

What would you do if you could stop time?  Arthur will show you what he would do, and the outcome is funny and surprising.

An “invisible bee” that’s brought to life

Arthur will transform a piece of rope into a magical violin.

A long-distance call via a tin-can phone – the result is unexpected.

An interactive painting that is transformed through sleight of hand.

Mr. Trace is only the eighth magician in the history of magic to be awarded The International Brotherhood of Magicians Gold Medal and has appeared on Masters of Illusion and Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Tickets are limited and priced well below what we would pay to see this 70-minute show – and we are notoriously cheap.  General Admission is $40.00 and tickets to the Front Row are $55.00.

Please read all the details about the show and Mr. Trace here: https://arthurtrace.com/the-artful-deceiver.

Suzanne Joins the Lance Burton Teen Seminar Staff

IBM Jacksonville Convention LogoThis just in from the International Brotherhood of Magicians!

Just Announced!   Suzanne will join Shawn Farquhar and Oscar Munoz as a Special Guest Instructor at the 11th Lance Burton Teen Seminar to be held at the I.B.M. 87th Annual Convention in Jacksonville, FL. The Lance Burton Teen Seminar is THE #1 magic seminar for young magicians. Join Eugene Burger, Larry Hass, Suzanne, Shawn Farquhar and Oscar Munoz for a life changing experience.

WAIT – That’s not all!  The I.B.M. Endowment and Development Fund has agreed to fund TWO registrations to Sorcerer’s Safari Magic Camp to be given away to one boy and one girl attending the Lance Burton Teen Seminar.  Sorcerer’s Safari is the premier magic camp in Canada.  Take a look at this video to see some of the fun at the 2014 camp.


WAIT –There is still more!  The McBride Magic and Mystery School will be selecting ONE Teen Magician at the Lance Burton Teen Seminar to receive the McBride Magic and Mystery School Faculty Award.  Founded in 1991, the McBride Magic an Mystery School’s goal is to provide a safe, supportive, and inspiring place for magic enthusiasts (both amateur and professional) to work on their magic.  They work with students of all skill levels and interests. At the McBride Magic and Mystery School the unparalleled faculty members are there to answer your questions, help you become a better magician and, most importantly, have fun.  One lucky teen magician will receive the opportunity of a lifetime!

So join us at the 11th Lance Burton Teen Seminar.  If you are between the ages of 13-19 AND registered to attend the I.B.M. Convention in Jacksonville, you can attend the Lance Burton Teen Seminar ABSOLUTELY FREE.  Dates for the Seminar are July 13-15, 2015. To register go to http://www.magician.org/convention/upcoming-convention TODAY!  Jacksonville HERE WE COME!

Speak of Fantasio!

IBM Jacksonville Convention LogoWe were just mentioning on this very virtual vehicle that we went through an influential and formative period when we owned every type of cane and candle made by the great Fantasio.  Hours later we received this great press release from the IBM.

The I.B.M. Convention Just Went From GREAT to AWESOME!!!!

Haven’t made your reservations for Jacksonville?  What are you waiting for?  JUST ANNOUNCED – the incomparable lineup for the Fantasio Tribute Show. Ricardo “Fantasio” Roucau will be joined by his friends from Argentina for the show that will be the highlight of the summer convention season!  See the most awarded magician from the FLASOMA convention – Gustavo Raley; Gus Yelar’s mesmerizing hand shadows; Daba and Cielo performing mental telepathy; Sebak will performing the act he will present the week before at FISM; Fred Karis; and of course Fantasio!  You won’t see this show anyplace BUT Jacksonville!

For our younger magicians (ages 13-19) don’t forget we will be presenting the Lance Burton Teen Seminar immediately before the convention – July 13-15.  If you are registered for the convention – you can attend this event at NO EXTRA CHARGE.  Since 2003, this has been the premier seminar for young magicians.  Join us and see why!  For more information, contact Becki Wells at beckiwells@cox.net.

We still have some spaces available in our Stage and Close-Up contests. Go for the Gold in Jacksonville.  Over $14,500 in cash and prizes available!  Sign up today.  For more information go to www.magician.org/convention/contest.

The complete convention schedule is now available:  http://www.magician.org/convention/convention-schedule

To register go to http://www.magician.org/convention/upcoming-convention TODAY!  Jacksonville HERE WE COME!

UPDATE: 2014 IBM-SAM Combined Convention Hotel Reservation Fixed

Some of our registrants recently had problems reserving rooms at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel – the host hotel for the I.B.M./S.AM. Combined Convention.

The problem has been resolved. If you were not able to make your reservations, please feel free to contact the hotel and make your reservations now.    

The problem was reserving hotel rooms on the “shoulder dates”.  

These are the days immediately before and after the convention dates.  Our hotel representative has increased the number of rooms in our hotel block for those dates, relieving the problem.    

If you haven’t made your reservations yet, you can get to the hotel reservation site through our website: http://ibmsam.com/hotel/ and clicking link for the hotel; or by calling 1-888-236-2427 (be sure to tell they you are with the I.BM./S.A.M. Combined Convention to get the special rate).  

The convention room rates are applicable 3 days prior and 3 days following the convention dates (subject to availability). Room rates are guaranteed until the cutoff date – June 9, 2014.

IBM 83rd Convention Kicks Off

Inside Magic Image of IBM Convention LogoThe headline to this post took about seven hours to work, market-test, evaluate, re-focus, right-size and streamline.  Assuming, arguendo, we are paid $700.00 per hour for our legal work, the article has cost close to $5,600.00 already.  (Yes, we know seven hours times $700.00 per hour is $4,900.00 but we tend to round up in our billing so we can afford to attend fine conventions and kill nearly eight hours (practically eight hours) writing just the headline).

And that really is the point of this post and the convention.  Lots of preparation to make things look incredibly normal.  Sitting here in the little alcove off the wonderfully appointed main lobby at the Dallas Sheraton, we have a prime seat (or so we have been told by sailors the world ’round) for the comings and goings of our magic brethren and cistern as they prepare to perform mysterious things in a manner so well-rehearsed that it looks normal, ordinary.

In a few hours, these common looking folk with be adorned in fine clothes packed with loads of animal, vegetable and silk that would be sufficient to inhibit the range of movement of even a ballet star and yet move smoothly through routines so well-rehearsed that they look spontaneous and fresh.

We think it was Harry Houdini who once observed that “99 percent of magic is normal but the trick is to make it look 100 percent.”

This has been a trying year for the economy, for families, for the world.  The acts planned and readied for this week will not be witnessed by even a slim fraction of the world and yet the positive energy released after years of rehearsal and refinement will have a demonstrable, real effect.  Not merely a psychic or ethereal augmentation of the human spirit that cannot be measured by “non-believers” but a concrete uplifting of attendees spirit, aspirations, and intentions.

The bonds formed and re-affirmed here may or may not hold longer than the convention’s duration,  but the experience will surely lower the guard of participants; allowing them to be more aware and open to forming such friendships in the future.  Young people will learn, more experienced will teach, and the dynamic shift that effortlessly propels our art through history intensifies.

This is a special place at a special time.

You can check out the IBM official coverage here:http://www.magician.org/

Follow the official IBM Twitter Feed at www.twitter.com/ibmconvention.

And read the Inside Magic Unofficial Twitter Coverage by following @insidemagic or checking out the unofficial convention hash tag #IBM_Magic

Bruce Kalver, SAM Featured

Bruce Kalver Animates Straw DollColorado newspaper The Greeley Tribune gave great press to Society of American Magicians President Bruce Kalver in this morning’s edition.

Mr. Kalver was photographed as he used his powers to animate a small strawman.

The SAM President was in town to present his lecture for The Town/Gown Wizards (Assembly No. 292) and The Mile High Magicians Society (Ring No. 131 / Assembly No. 37).

Mr. Kalver’s comments to the reporter reflected his excitement for our craft.

“My grandfather, who lived with us, was an assistant to Houdini and builder of his props, so I was the luckiest kid in the world, ’cause I grew up with a grandpa who was really a magician,”Kalver said.

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