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Bruce Kalver Animates Straw DollColorado newspaper The Greeley Tribune gave great press to Society of American Magicians President Bruce Kalver in this morning’s edition.

Mr. Kalver was photographed as he used his powers to animate a small strawman.

The SAM President was in town to present his lecture for The Town/Gown Wizards (Assembly No. 292) and The Mile High Magicians Society (Ring No. 131 / Assembly No. 37).

Mr. Kalver’s comments to the reporter reflected his excitement for our craft.

“My grandfather, who lived with us, was an assistant to Houdini and builder of his props, so I was the luckiest kid in the world, ’cause I grew up with a grandpa who was really a magician,”Kalver said.

The event was well-attended and its coverage in the media can only help to promote our profession.

Mr. Kalver emphasized that magic and the SAM was not just for “professional magicians.”

“We have all sorts of professionals in the organization — doctors, lawyers, dentists — who use the magic as a tool to calm their patients,”  he said.  “My personal dentist came to me for magic lessons because he wanted to do some magic tricks for the kids  . . .  just to calm them down.”

Mr. Kalver learned some elementary sleight of hand and flourishes from his grandfather.  He continued his studies and performed his first show at the age of 10.

Magic is not about “tricking” people, said Mr. Kalver.  A magician should entertain first and foremost.

“You reach an age where you learn the truth about the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and that wonder leaves you,” he said. “You have no more wonder. The job of the magician is to bring back that wonder for the 45 minutes that he’s doing magic.”

You can check out the full article here:  Magician teaches, treats audience to tricks | Greeley Tribune.

Visit Mr. Kalver’s very professional web site at:

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