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Keith Barry is coming back with a new show

Inside Magic Image of Keith Barry's Poster for the January 7, 2012 Appearance of Eight Deadly Sins How does a magician and/or mentalist top a great five week engagement at Dublin’s beautifully appointed Olympia Theatre (“theater”)?

Good question, that.

We asked a random sample of passers-by outside the Inside Magic editorial offices here in Mystic Hollow, Michigan.  Fortunately, the folks in this town know magic and magicians.  The question would make no sense otherwise.

Two of the twelve thought he should take over for Criss Angel in Las Vegas.  They were all of the opinion that Criss Angel has too much going on and that he needed to have a steady guest star.

A woman who describes herself as Criss Angel’s Number One Fan said she has seen the show five times and is not sure the Mindfreak Magician can keep it up.  “It is not an easy show to do and he’s got a lot going on so something is going to have to give.”

She knew of Keith Barry from his incredible television series here in the US.  on the Discovery Channel.  She raved about his work in the police station (the fourth episode titled “Cops and Robbers“).

One woman thought Keith Barry should perform at Victoria and Albert Hall in London.  She said the believed it was the equivalent of our Carnegie Hall.  Her friend corrected her that it was actually called The Royal Albert Hall and was built by his widow, Victoria.  Regardless, the first woman maintained, Mr. Barry would be perfect for such a “dignified setting.”

There were a smattering of non-statistically significant suggestions that we  have left out.

It turns out, Keith Barry will be back in theater (theatre in metric languages) with his killer show, Keith Barry – Eight Deadly Sins.

It will not be a long run.  Actually, it will be a very special, one-night only event on Saturday January 7 2012 at the beautifully appointed Royal Theatre Castlebar.
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