Criss Angel: Magic Broadcasting Network Ready for Launch

Inside Magic Image of Countdown Screen Currently in Place at Criss Angel's TheMagicPlace.comMagician Criss Angel’s Magic Broadcasting Network (“MBN”) is on the pad, into its final countdown and making final safety checks before its launch into the interweb net.

In keeping with the astronaut theme, we note Angel’s launch party will come with major star-power.

The site takes flight at Monday evening at 9:00 p.m. (midnight EDT) when Robin Leach introduces Angel; who in turn welcomes Siegfried Fischbacher, Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, David Hasselhoff and Flavor Flav.

We understand the television studio is located right on the strip and is fully “tricked out” with the latest 3D animation, video technology, and soundstages for the 14 shows on the initial schedule.

(See what we did there?  “Tricked out” and Criss Angel is a magician who is launching a magic-oriented television and web portal? Our wit is so sharp we can shave just by bumping up against it in the morning).

Robin Leach will be tweeting and reporting from the fete Tuesday.  Check out his preview and schedule here: Criss Angel readies launch of his online Magic Broadcasting Network – Las Vegas Sun.

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