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Young Magician Conrad Continues Jet-Setting and Great News Coverage


From Vegas to New York City to Bryn Mawr, PA, this young magician has been just about all over in the last few months.

The Central Jersey news site has a big write-up this morning about the young but already very successful, Conrad Colon.

Conrad Colon, local teenage magician, was one of over a hundred student selected to attend a summer magic camp, sponsored by the Louis Tannen Magic Company of New York City and held at Bryn Mawr College located in the village of Bryn Mawr, PA.

Through out the week, Conrad attended lectures, show, and classes in advanced stage magic.

Conrad has been a magician for 7 years. He first began performing after viewing great magicians such as Lance Burton and Jeff McBride on television. While Conrad’s favorite trick is signed bill in lemon, his repertoire includes effects such as card manipulation, rope tricks, and a floating metal ball.

When asked how the tricks are done, Conrad simply replied, “Very Well.”

Conrad’s recent performances have included the 6th annual Somerville Sample day and upcoming shows include the Somerset County 4-H fair, where Conrad will be performing all three days August 11,12,and 13.

For more information see his website TheMagicofConrad.webs.com.

Read the full article in the Central Jersey Publications here Area


Actual Near Miss for Dean Gunnarson in China Escape Mishap

Early this morning, we received word from Inside Magic Favorite Dean Gunnarson, that things did not go as planned in his planned escape from the tracks of a speeding roller-coaster in Beijing.  

The Toronto Sun had coverage this afternoon filling in the details of what must have been a horrific event.

Dean Gunnarson is insane but also very safe.  That is to say, when he hangs by his toes over the Hoover Dam, he makes sure the wind speed is in the single digits and he has no butter or slippery goo on his boots.  Despite his devotion to safety, he has had several near catastrophes over his career.  

He began with hypothermia and near drowning in the frigid waters of Canada where the water and cold robbed him of a chance to escape from his shackles or the locked wooden casket.  He's pulled, broken, snapped, and twisted body parts with verve much to the delight of fans and his medical professionals.  

Still, as we have admitted on this magic news outlet and to professional mental health workers, his stuff scares us silly.  

Here's the report from The Toronto Sun:

He had freed himself and was attempting to dive to safety when the roller-coaster car, which was travelling at nearly 100 km/h, clipped his right foot.

He sustained a broken bone in his foot and some internal bleeding.

He was in hospital Tuesday in Beijing but was hoping to return to Canada by Wednesday.

In his news release, Gunnarson said he believed hot and humid conditions, with a temperature of 36 C, contributed to him losing the extra split second he needed to completely avoid the bullet roller-coaster car.

The 46-year-old Manitoba resident – who has performed death-defying escapes around the world since he was in his teens – said this escape was a little too close for comfort.

"I have always said I don't do card tricks or pull bunnies out of a hat," Gunnarson said in his news release. "I push the envelope in an extreme way that tries to do the impossible with every great escape I have ever attempted. I like to keep things close but this was beyond close. It was near death."

The escape was part of Gunnarson's Bound for Danger world tour and was being shot for inclusion in a magic special on Chinese television.

This autumn, Gunnarson is planning an escape in which he will be locked inside a steel coffin and buried six feet underground for 48 hours.

After two days, he will attempt to escape on Halloween, the anniversary of the death in 1926 of legendary magician and escape artist Harry Houdini.

Houdini wrote, "No one wants to see a man die, but they want to be there when it happens."  

The escape from the roller coaster tracks stunt almost claimed the life of Inside Magic Favorite Lance Burton.  He too misjudged the closing speed of the coaster leaving no margin for error as he leaped to safety.  He said later, "That was stupid." 

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22,000 Square Feet for Criss Angel

 Robin Leach goes full bore with a virtual open house tour of Criss Angel’s new home in Nevada.

Nicknamed Serenity, Robin Leach describes it blithely as “inspired by an Old World Tuscan castle, Criss Angel’s extraordinary 22,000-square-foot home is a breathtaking 2 1/2-acre mountaintop paradise with spectacular views of the mountains and the entire Las Vegas Strip.”

How nice is it?

Well, The Association of Pool and Spa professionals named his 22,000 square-foot pool and spa as one of the “Top Five Most Beautiful Residential Pools in America, and it won the Gold International Award.”

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Magicians = Creepy Anti-Hero?

The new trend in horror film stars are described by Cinematical today as “brooding, pale-skinned, sparkly, fangless, vegan vampires.”

The on-line movie site longs for the days of real horror icons.  Cinematical wants real vampires, real, carnivorous creepy types trolling the earth for victims, not lovers.

Take, for instance, the 1980’s classic Fright Night.  There were no pale, blotchy, moribund slivers of human flesh to be found in the film.  The men were men and the women were victims and  usually half-naked, according to the author.

To provide artistic balance to the wimpy, dysthymic, translucent-skinned, after-picture-for-a-weight-loss-plan-marketed-to-anorexics, boys and girls made fashionable by the ponderous paper-doll dramatis personae of Twilight, Hollywood is producing a remake of Fright Night.

The producers wanted a creepy, scary anti-hero and determined the best fit would be a Las Vegas magician.

David Tennant of Doctor Who fame will play Peter Vincent, a Vegas illusionist known for his horror-themed stage shows, who presumably overcomes his fear of vampires to become their worst enemy.

In an earlier piece on the pre-production gossip, Cinematical offered its hope for remake’s choice of characters.

The only concern with the new plot information is that the remake may stray too far from the original. The addition of Charley’s Chriss Angel mentor proves that even if our hero lives in a cozy abode off The Strip, we’ll eventually find ourselves under the Vegas lights . A straight remake was never the answer, but let’s hope (script writer) Noxon doesn’t push this too far.

We could see a Criss Angel type playing a vampire and a vampire hunter but think it would be so much better to have Lance Burton for either role. Lance Burton is classy, healthy, and has the beguiling smile sufficient to hide the horrific fears and emotions felt by the Vincent character. Or, maybe if they want to go contrary to all stereotype, why not use Carrot-Top?

Master Magician Lance Burton Starts Final 5 Months

Master Magician Lance Burton will end his historic run at Monte Carlo September 4, 2010.

The final performance follows 14 years of captivating audiences at the resort’s Lance Burton Theatre.

Beloved by fans worldwide  and named the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s “Best Magician” for a dozen years running, Burton has been with Monte Carlo since its opening day on June 21, 1996.

“It has been an honor and a pleasure to have Lance Burton headline at Monte Carlo for the last 14 years,” said Monte Carlo President & COO Anton Nikodemus.  “We are proud to have called Lance a member of the MGM MIRAGE family and wish him nothing but the best as he pursues a new chapter in his legendary career.”

Known for his astounding illusions and mesmerizing sleight-of-hand, Burton will continue to delight audiences at Monte Carlo through Labor Day Weekend, celebrating one of the longest and most fruitful partnerships in the history of Las Vegas entertainment.

“Performing at Monte Carlo and introducing over five million people to the world of magic has been a fantastic experience for me,” said Burton.  “I have loved every minute of this historic run and look forward to turning my attention to new opportunities.”

Visit the website of our craft’s finest at LanceBurton.com

Lance Burton Cancels Show for Mother’s Funeral

Las Vegas Strip magician Lance Burton canceled the Tuesday,  April 13th performance to attend his mother’s funeral.

Lance Burton’s spokesperson said Hilma Burton, 73, died peacefully in her sleep at her home in Columbia, Ky.  Lance Burton will attend her funeral and return for his show Wednesday, April 14, at the Monte Carlo.

According to the Las Vegas Fox affiliate, Lance Burton has no deal in the works other than to take time to fish and possibly produce a film based on a script written by the Magician himself.

The 50-year-old headliner announced this week that he is ending his run at the resort after nearly 14 years. Burton’s final show will be Sept. 4.

Burton Cancels Show After Mother’s Death – Las Vegas News Story – KVVU Las Vegas.

Reports: Lance Burton to Leave Monte Carlo 5 Years Early

John Katsilometes and Robin Leech of The Las Vegas Sun gave hints of the potentially incredibly bad or frustrating news earlier this holiday weekend.

Apparently based on a rumor heard while covering the Bernard Hopkins – Roy Jones Jr. boxing match at the Mandalay Bay Events Center, Mr. Katsilometes  wrote that Lance Burton “is suddenly the focus of reports originated by Channel 3 entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs that he is abruptly leaving the hotel.”

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Lance Burton Interview: Retirement, Criss Angel

The Las Vegas Weekly interviewed Master Magician Lance Burton for their “A Few Minutes With . . .” feature today.
The piece is very short but to the point. You can read his thoughts on retirement, Criss Angel, innovation in magic, and what today’s audiences expect from a “magic show.”
In case it is not obvious, we worship Lance Burton and are delighted he decided to stay at the appropriately named Lance Burton Theater in the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino.
Mr. Burton brings more than a great show to Las Vegas, he brings his compassion and willingness to help others through his own charities or the work of others.
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Lance Burton Surgery Scheduled

Lance Burton, Master Magician, will be out of commission for possibly as long as four to six weeks after orthopedic surgery next Monday.

Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports Mr. Burton has been forced to cancel 19 shows due to the injury.

The Associated Press and other outlets covered the story extensively but none explained how the incredible showman injured his foot during the show.

Leave it to Norm Clarke to dig a little deeper:

The accident occurred 15 minutes into the show as Burton was preparing to do the floating bird cage with Elvis the bird.

When Elvis flew into the audience, Burton left the stage and retrieved the bird. The injury took place when the entertainer twisted his right foot on his way up the steps.

Burton finished the show despite considerable pain but “not knowing anything was broken,” said Bernath.

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Supermodel Heidi Klum to Join with Lance Burton

The Master Magician will meet up with The Supermodel this winter.

Although Robin Leach began his Las Vegas Sun gossip column this morning with news of a “hickey” or “live bite” on the neck of Criss Angel’s current fling, Holly Madison, he saved the best Magic in Vegas News for last.

Confirming The Las Vegas Review-Journal‘s Norm Clarke’s scoop that the beautiful supermodel Heidi Klum will be filming segments for Germany’s Next Top Model in Las Vegas this January.

Ms. Klum intends to work with Lance Burton to bring some of his magic and magical effects into the hit television show.

Mr. Leach says Ms. Klum has asked Lance Burton to levitate her in one of the scheduled segments.

We always thought Ms. Klum was classy and intelligent.  Her selection of Lance Burton only confirms it.
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