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View-Master, Magic & Lance Burton

Inside Magic Image of Lawrence Leung's Unbelievable Banner AdWe have a GAF View-Master Fetish and we are obsessed with magic.  It is rare (and slightly dangerous) when those two passions collide in one story.  Today is one of those very rare days.

Lawrence Leung  serves the good people of Australia as skeptic par excellence.  His new six-part series Unbelievable! has been described as “Mythbusters meets Ghostbusters.”

In this weeks episode, the curious host looks to “fool a master magician.”  The advertisement claims he will learn the tricks of the trade from Las Vegas magicians, pickpockets and neuroscientists to create an effect that will fool magicians.

The theme of the show and this week’s episode are sufficiently magic-related to evoke our interest and coverage on this august magic news site.  But what of the GAF View-Master angle, you ask.

Mr. Leung has the ultimate web site design for those of us who could spend hours studying, playing with, and talking about the stereoscopic viewing wonder that we keep in a well-worn leather holster attached to our belt as we type.
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