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Lance Burton VIP at Oscar Party – Writing Script

Inside Magic Image of Lance Burton, Master MagicianForget Alexander!  Robin Leach is the man who knows.

Mr. Leach reports on the Las Vegas version of the Hollywood Oscar Show.  127 Hours star Rebecca C. Olson served as the female equivalent of a Master of Ceremonies.   “Mistress of Ceremonies” sounds obtuse or maybe inappropriate but we don’t know why.

Her date for the evening was Lance Burton, Master Magician.

For an unemployed magician, he was looking pretty good.

Lance Burton was more than serving as eye candy for a Hollywood Starlet.  He announced his move from the very legitimate theatre to the silver screen.

“Lance told me that his entertainment partner, juggler Michael Goudeau, and he are now one-third of the way through shooting their indie magic film. ‘We have a 100-page script, and we’ve completed about 30 pages so far,’ Lance said. ‘We’re really pleased with the way it’s coming along, and I’m having great fun taking on an acting role.'”
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