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Make Believe to Open May 13th: A Little World of Oddballs

Krystyn LambertWe are looking forward to this Friday, May 13th’s opening of the new magic documentary Make Believe.

There hasn’t been nearly the buzz we expected but that buzz that wuz is good.

IFC reviewed the film in today’s edition and loved it.

Make Believe is entertaining enough purely from sharing in the joy of its stars, making sure that something permanent and good remains even in a medium where most everything is meant to disappear.

The documentary follows the teen competition at The World Magic Seminar and introduces the “real world” to our little realm where talent shines and practice pays off.

Krystyn Lambert is one of the six teens featured in J. Clay Tweel’s documentary and her mother provides a great, pithy description of the world of magic and magicians: “a little world of oddballs.”

Despite her movie star looks, outstanding talent, and academic success, Krystyn Lambert seems to agree with her mother’s assessment. She confided in a 2010 Los Angeles Times article that she had not yet seen the film and “is well-aware she may come across to some as a ‘psychotic overachiever.’ But she doesn’t mind. She’s changed a lot since the film began shooting in October 2008, she said. And for the first time in her life, she said, she’s found a place outside of the magic world where she fits in – college.”

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All Ed Alonzo – All Day

Ed Alonzo is the Go-To Guy!Yesterday was Ed Alonzo Day at the Magic Double-Wide we call home here in Mystic Hollow, Michigan.

We were cruising the web and getting up to date on all things magic when we read Inside Magic Favorite, Ed Alonzo will create the magic for Michael Jackson’s 50-date run in London.

Wow, that says a lot for both Ed Alonzo and Michael Jackson.

Ed Alonzo is famous within the world of magic, but is not yet a household name like David Copperfield, Li’l Tom Hardy, or Criss Angel.

Plus, he seems profoundly normal and decent.   There were no rumors of his dating or not dating Britney Spears either before or during his current employment with the bombshell that is Ms. Spears.

The postman came by and made some comments about our need to cut back on the magic magazines if we ever hoped to get out of debt.  He held three of our magic journals in one hand and a stack of bills in the other.

We thanked him for his unsolicited advice, slightly whistling through our broken incisor at just the right pitch to summon our playful pit bull – Doberman mix, Big Tom.

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Britney Spears Hooks Up with Ed Alonzo for Tour

Ed Alonzo Ready to Travel with Britney Spears' Circus TourYou know the saying, once you go magic, you never go back.

Britney Spears was seen with bite-marks during her short time with Criss Angel.  We always thought they were love-bites.  Nay, she was apparently bitten by the magic bug.

While the bite marks may have faded, the infection the magic bug deposited took hold and now rules her life; tainting her perception of everything so that she now sees things not as they are but as they could be if done magically.

Ed Alonzo is a real magician who does real magic and knows how to put together a show of quality. Britney is someone looking for a big comeback and hopes her Circus Tour will do the trick. She needed someone like Mr. Alonzo to bring magic literally into the tour.

E! says Ed “The Misfit of Magic” Alonzo. We know about Mr. Alonzo’s considerable talent in our field, but how does Britney fair?

Mr. Alonzo told E!, “Right away she got into the boxes and into the magic contraptions to learn the stuff, and she’s so excited about this tour and all the elements that are in it.”

Ms. Spears performs as Mr. Alonzo’s assistant. They plan to perform classic illusions with a high-tech twist.

What is a “classic illusion”?

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