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Ed Alonzo is the Go-To Guy!Yesterday was Ed Alonzo Day at the Magic Double-Wide we call home here in Mystic Hollow, Michigan.

We were cruising the web and getting up to date on all things magic when we read Inside Magic Favorite, Ed Alonzo will create the magic for Michael Jackson’s 50-date run in London.

Wow, that says a lot for both Ed Alonzo and Michael Jackson.

Ed Alonzo is famous within the world of magic, but is not yet a household name like David Copperfield, Li’l Tom Hardy, or Criss Angel.

Plus, he seems profoundly normal and decent.   There were no rumors of his dating or not dating Britney Spears either before or during his current employment with the bombshell that is Ms. Spears.

The postman came by and made some comments about our need to cut back on the magic magazines if we ever hoped to get out of debt.  He held three of our magic journals in one hand and a stack of bills in the other.

We thanked him for his unsolicited advice, slightly whistling through our broken incisor at just the right pitch to summon our playful pit bull – Doberman mix, Big Tom.

The uniformed know-it-all dropped the bills and magazines on the cedar chip path that winds from the access road to the front of our metal but homey abode.

Big Tom brought over this month’s Magic Magazine with pride.  He left the bills where they were scattered on the walkway.

There in the oppressive jaws of our puppy was Ed Alonzo.  Mr. Alonzo made the front cover of Magic Magazine.  How cool and synchronistic was that?

We considered the odds that we would have read about Mr. Alonzo signing with Michael Jackson and then receiving Magic Magazine from our dog in a condition that it was still readable, and that Mr. Alonzo would be on the cover of the magazine.

Plus, he wrote the article about his work with Britney Spears in the article teased on the cover, “How I Ran Away with the Circus.”  That might be a coincidence too, that there would be an article about him and he happened to be both the author and subject.

Our brain was not meant for statistics so we rounded the odds to about 50:50 — it would have happened or it wouldn’t have.

Regardless of our inability to calculate the coincidence of three or four independent events, Mr. Alonzo’s recent fame outside and inside the world of magic is impressive.

Our father, Li’l Tom Hardy once opined, “Who ever said good things come to those who wait, never waited for a prostate exam.”

Mr. Alonzo has not just been waiting around for fame to find him.  His hard work and creativity now make him the go-to person for the big acts.

It couldn’t have happened to a better person.  Congratulations, Mr. Alonzo!

Read a summary of all the press covering the Michael Jackson and Britney Spears news here.

There are over 596 separate stories about the Michael Jackson announcement alone.

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