Young Magician Conrad Continues Jet-Setting and Great News Coverage

Conrad Performs with the Help of His Lovely Assistant in Recent Show


From Vegas to New York City to Bryn Mawr, PA, this young magician has been just about all over in the last few months.

The Central Jersey news site has a big write-up this morning about the young but already very successful, Conrad Colon.

Conrad Colon, local teenage magician, was one of over a hundred student selected to attend a summer magic camp, sponsored by the Louis Tannen Magic Company of New York City and held at Bryn Mawr College located in the village of Bryn Mawr, PA.

Through out the week, Conrad attended lectures, show, and classes in advanced stage magic.

Conrad has been a magician for 7 years. He first began performing after viewing great magicians such as Lance Burton and Jeff McBride on television. While Conrad’s favorite trick is signed bill in lemon, his repertoire includes effects such as card manipulation, rope tricks, and a floating metal ball.

When asked how the tricks are done, Conrad simply replied, “Very Well.”

Conrad’s recent performances have included the 6th annual Somerville Sample day and upcoming shows include the Somerset County 4-H fair, where Conrad will be performing all three days August 11,12,and 13.

For more information see his website

Read the full article in the Central Jersey Publications here Area

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