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John Luka Leaks Line-up for Motor City Close-Up Magic Convention

John Luka's MagicArguably the finest close-up magic convention in the world hosts a great line-up this year.

John Luka was kind enough to give Inside Magic readers a sneak preview of this year’s the Motor City Close-Up Convention.

The Detroit magic shop, Wunderground and Mr. Luka will present the 17th annual iteration of Motor City Close-Up Convention the weekend of November 14-16, 2014 in Woodhaven, Michigan (just outside of Detroit).  Tony Cabral and David Gabbay have already signed on and there are two more performer to be announced.
All events take place at the Best Western Woodhaven Inn (http://www.bestwestern.com/woodhaveninn) located at 21700 West Road, Woodhaven, MI 48183. Phone (734) 676-8000.

Be sure to call the hotel for room reservations or hotel information. There is a special room rate of $73 plus tax per diem for the convention. To qualify, when you make your reservations request the Motor City Magic rate.

Those who have attended the convention in the past know that the line-up of performers has always been outstanding. Mr. Luka has brought in some amazing folks in the past, Pop Haydn, Greg Wilson, Max Maven, Gazzo, Jon Armstrong, Rick Merrill, Joshua Jay and so many others.  The format is perfect: three close-up magic shows, four magic lectures, optional workshops and great people and dealers.

For more information go to: www.johnlukamagic.com

This is a don’t miss type of event.

Bullet Catch – The Drama

Bullet Catch By Rob DrummondWe received word from our friend and incredible magician John Luka that BULLET CATCH, written, performed, and co-directed by Rob Drummond will fight the frigid climes of Ann Arbor, Michigan with shows nightly beginning Tuesday, January 7th at 7:30 and wrapping up on Saturday with two shows on Saturday.  All shows will be in the beautiful Arthur Miller Theatre on the University of Michigan campus.
Mr. Drummond is not, to our knowledge, a magician but his show explores the history of the infamous trick and the lives lost in its performance.  He will apparently perform the effect as part of his presentation.
This is not a trick with which to trifle, in our humble opinion.  There are many who have tried and succeeded but statistically, it is one of the most dangerous effects a magician can perform.
A recent study published by the Magician’s Safety Organization found that more people have died performing The Bullet Catch (16 dead – bullet piercing essential artery or cranium) than Hippity Hop Rabbits (3 dead, 27 seriously injured – angry crowd) or Finger Chopper (0 dead, 982 severe lacerations).
The safest effect to perform is either Silk Fountain (0 deaths and 0 injuries) or Glorpy (0 deaths and 2 minor injuries – impalement).
If you are in South Eastern Michigan this week, you should check out the show.  We would love to learn more about it and why / how Mr. Drummond came up with this idea.

What Were We Thinking

Lindsay Lohan Star of New Show

This is the stream of thought that went along with our writing of an article about a magic lecture from John Luka.

John Luka is the Head Muckety-Muck in our Pantheon of Magicians and so we were shocked to receive his invitation to learn the secrets of a certain magician’s act.

We knew it wasn’t a lecture by the magician in question – after all, what professional magician actually lectures on tricks he or she performs for a living.

We assumed, therefore, John Luka had crossed over to the Dark Side. Out of our respect for Mr. Luka, we immediately prepared to stick with him like glue or something equally sticky but preferably non-organic. We have no pride but at least we’re shiftless.

But wait, we read more of Mr. Luka’s email note to us and learned we were wrong. We were completely wrong. Mr. Luka hadn’t moved to the Dark Side. We wish we had read his entire email message before we reacted so quickly to abandon our principles and publish an expose of every magic trick we know.

To all of our brethren and cistern in magic, we apologize for exposing your secrets. We take some solace in thinking that our excited writing made the whole 982 page book unreadable or at least unwieldy. Plus, when we get nervous we revert to our first language.

Nonetheless, the book All of the Magic Secrets Ever is currently available on Amazon.Com. One reviewer noted:

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Motor City Magic this Weekend

John Luka, the Motor City Magic Master, sends news that there is still some space available for the incredible Motor City Magic Convention in Detroit.
This is a must-attend event.
Mr. Luka’s twelfth iteration of what most agree is the close-up event of the year will be held this weekend, November 14th through the 16th at the perfectly appointed Ramada Inn of Taylor, Michigan.
If you are within driving distance of Detroit, and have interest in watching and learning top-notch magic with no fluff or downtime, you should attend.
Mr. Luka writes that “this will be one of the strongest line-ups of recent years. The magic WILL BE outstanding!”
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