Bullet Catch – The Drama

Bullet Catch By Rob DrummondWe received word from our friend and incredible magician John Luka that BULLET CATCH, written, performed, and co-directed by Rob Drummond will fight the frigid climes of Ann Arbor, Michigan with shows nightly beginning Tuesday, January 7th at 7:30 and wrapping up on Saturday with two shows on Saturday.  All shows will be in the beautiful Arthur Miller Theatre on the University of Michigan campus.
Mr. Drummond is not, to our knowledge, a magician but his show explores the history of the infamous trick and the lives lost in its performance.  He will apparently perform the effect as part of his presentation.
This is not a trick with which to trifle, in our humble opinion.  There are many who have tried and succeeded but statistically, it is one of the most dangerous effects a magician can perform.
A recent study published by the Magician’s Safety Organization found that more people have died performing The Bullet Catch (16 dead – bullet piercing essential artery or cranium) than Hippity Hop Rabbits (3 dead, 27 seriously injured – angry crowd) or Finger Chopper (0 dead, 982 severe lacerations).
The safest effect to perform is either Silk Fountain (0 deaths and 0 injuries) or Glorpy (0 deaths and 2 minor injuries – impalement).
If you are in South Eastern Michigan this week, you should check out the show.  We would love to learn more about it and why / how Mr. Drummond came up with this idea.

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