Magic Loses a Giant: Dan Garrett Passes

Dan Garrett was so many things to so many people in our wonderful art of magic.  His passing is a significant loss to those who knew him well, his family and even editors of small websites focusing on magic.

Magic has always felt like a small but cohesive group of people at all levels of skill but sharing a love for the art.  Dan Garrett was a magician of tremendous skill and an incredible ability to connect with magicians at every level.  His lectures were the gold standard for what one should expect from such instruction.  His demeanor was what one would expect from a southern gentleman.  He was very kind to me and this website; with words of encouragement and even help in editing glaring errors in my reporting.  He helped with a focus that made me feel as if this website and me, as editor, was the sole focus of this time.  I know that can’t be true but I felt it.

There will be many more tributes and recollections of Dan’s life and impact on magic in the coming days and weeks.  All penned by people who knew him better than me.  I look forward to reading them.

The magic community small, encouraging and filled with kindness; but it is not static.  We are like any group in society or family.  We lose friends, acquaintances, and family.  I wish it wasn’t that way.

A link to the obituary page for Dan can be found here.

A very  complete biography can be found on his website here.

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