Our Big Sale of Big Magic on eBay

The Stage LotWe are selling four lots of magic starting tonight on eBay.

Tonight, we put up the stage lot with some great tricks from our acts over the years.  Check out the eBay listing for some rare, new, not rare and not new magic all being sold in one big clump.  You can visit the listing here.

Here’s what we have listed in this big batch of magic!

COLLECTOR’S WORKSHOP PERFECT TIME III by Richard Bloch and Collector’s Workshop

Condition: In good condition.  Slight scratches on back and needs a new watch battery.  Any jeweler can replace the battery – it is a standard battery for a watch.  That makes sense.

Instructions: Yes

Description: This is quite possibly the most remarkable Prediction Watch ever invented! The Perfect Time watch has been copied but the cheap imitations pale in contrast to the high quality and precision provided by the original system. Perfect Time III is an improved version of the original offering. The watch-works are superior as is the system. The system has been improved to eliminate the problems experienced in some of the earlier versions.

Retail Price: $349.95 new



Condition: Very good condition with dry erase pen.  One cover needs an additional Velcro piece.

Instructions: Yes

Description:  Hen Fetch’s classic triple-prediction mental effect. Probably the finest effect of its sort ever produced… It uses a large “slate” that is divided into six equal squares. One at a time you make three predictions in the top three spaces and cover them. Three spectator’s selections are written in the bottom three spaces. On uncovering your predictions they are seen to match the spectator’s selections exactly! The predictions can be anything you desire, any book, word, number, color, design, name, place, date, and a chosen playing card. Requires absolutely no skill, no effort on your part.

Dave Powell’s Ghost Board made to his usual very high standard – Size approx 15″ x 19″.

Retail Price: $135.00 new



Condition: Acceptable but needs work – Chrome rings at end of cylinder are loose.  Could stand some cleaning as well.  Metal cylinder shows wear – it is close to 35 years old. Still works though.

Instructions: No

Description: Here is a really easy device for producing items such as silks, flowers, candy or prizes! Or for changing one item into another!

Place several colorful silks into the clear Crystal Silk Cylinder. Momentarily cover it with a yellow tube. When you remove the tube, the silks have disappeared and the Cylinder is now full of balls, candy or even live gold fish!

This professional grade illusion is easy to perform and will get a BIG reaction! We even include three 12 inch silks!

You can do so much with this ingenious trick. Produce candy or little prizes! Ideal for producing message silks, such as the Happy Birthday silk, the Thank You silk or even The End silk. This tube will hold a LOT!

The clear plastic inside tube stands 12 inches high and has an opening of 3 inches across. The outer tube is painted metal, and the base is painted wood.

Retail Price: $95.00 new.



Condition: Purchased in 1974, this effect has seen a lot of stage time.  The chrome rings at the end of the clear cylinder need to be connected to the cylinder better.  One of the rings needs to be closed – it separated at the seam.  The base is fine and the outer tube shows wear but is in good working condition.  The vanishing box shows some wear but is mechanically fine.  All balls included.

Instructions: No

Description:  Created by UF Grant, STRAT-O-SPHERES is a feature effect that will leave your audience speechless!

You show a tall clear tube with metal ends, which rests on a wooden base, a highly decorated metal tube, a wooden box, and three balls, each a different color.

Although there is only enough room in the tube for the three balls, one on top of the other, the ball placed on top of the three magically appears on the bottom or in the center of the stack of three.   The balls are never in the right order.  One of the balls seems to roam around at will.

Finally, you take the roaming ball and place it in the wooden box.

You grasp the box by the ends of the doors and flip it open.  The ball has vanished!

The audience sees completely through the box.  The ball reappears back in the plastic tube between the other two.

The balls are 3″ in diameter and the colors are molded into the balls so they will never peel.  A great trick that will please your audience for many generations.

Retail Price: $100.00 new



Condition:  Brand New

Instructions: Yes

Description: FAB Magic is the only magic dealer authorized to manufacture and market Bev Bergeron’s wands! This is the original! Don’t be misled by other wands that “nest” within one another that are manufactured elsewhere!

Effect: Magician asks volunteer to assist with a trick. A series of five magic wands magically appear and are placed under the arms, in the hands and under the chin of the volunteer. Great routine for comedy and children shows.

Complete with Bev’s own routine and instructions! Great for clowns and emcee’s too! Manufactured in the USA by The FAB Magic Company. Each wand is 11″ in length.

Retail Price: $27.00 new


Condition: Brand New

Instructions: Yes

Description: Professor Cheer’s Comedy Rope Trick. During his show, the performer notices a piece of rope hanging out his sleeve. He pulls on the end of the rope and it just keeps coming out until there is 50 feet of rope lying on the floor at which point it gets stuck.

He looks down and finds the other end of the rope in his left trouser leg. When this end is pulled, the rope from the sleeve travels back up and out the pant leg until it gets stuck again! Another end is discovered in the right pant leg and when this is pulled the rope again travels all the way through but gets stuck at the end! Frustrated, the performer finally gives the rope a hard tug and everyone is surprised to see a very “loud” pair of boxers hanging off the end of the rope! Although three ends were seen in the routine, you are left with only two…one of which is now dangling the shorts!

Retail Price: $25.00 new



Condition: Used but Like New Condition

Instructions: Yes

Description: Magician shows a beautiful mirror & frame to spectators which is completely solid, then she points to the center of the mirror, she puts one corner of the silk on mirror frame and tries to penetrate the mirror slowly with the silk!

Surprisingly the silk goes through the mirror! After that the magician shows the whole mirror unharmed to the audiences.

This is a rare find.  Zanadu does not manufacture this any longer – I believe the owner passed away several years ago – and this was tough to locate.

Retail Price: $75.00 new



Condition: Used frequently in shows.  Paint on outer metal tubes are scratched but not too much.  Rabbits are in good condition.  Works great.  Bases are fine.

Instructions: No

Description: Two cut out rabbits on a wooden base, one black, one white, each with a metal cover. The covers are empty and one carries the picture of a black top hat and the other of a white top hat and for identification. Each rabbit is now covered with the opposite colored cover, is commanded to change places, first being turned around to apparently show the backs of the covers.

When the covers are lifted the rabbits have changed places. After a few times the audience catches you turning the rabbits around. All believe that the rabbits are black on one side and white on the other. A bit more fun and then you show that the rabbits are actually red and yellow on their back sides.

Retail Price: $50.00 new



Condition: Used but very good condition.  Original outer boxes and shipping container.

Instructions: Yes

Description: The Rattle Box can vanish more than just a ring or coin. It’s constructed of wood and can hold a small object inside. When the box is closed, the item seems trapped inside, rattling around when shaken but it is really gone.  Where did it go?  That’s where the Ring Box comes into play.

The Ring/Coin box comes with a nifty little lock and a key that can be held by a member of the audience – perhaps in exchange for her ring. The spectator can place the key in their pocket. The ring is placed inside the back box for safe keeping. The ring is heard in the rattle box and with a single magic phrase the box is shown to be empty.  The spectator brings out the key to unlock the box whereupon she finds her ring.

Retail Price: $40.00 new


NECKLACE QUEST by Wonder Imagery

Condition: Brand New

Instructions: Yes

Description: Tell the story of a beautiful princess who receives a gift from a handsome prince. The string in the necklace gets broken but the Royal Magician (that’s YOU) saves the day by restoring it to its original condition to the cheers of the entire kingdom.

Comes complete with an Audio CD with the narrated story, music, sound effects (versions for a boy assistant and a girl assistant) and necklaces & gimmicks. You also receive a demo performance DVD so you can see this performed in front of an audience.

This routine will create a full seven magical moments in your show. Use your own change bag or get the deluxe version complete with our ‘Royal Bag’ change bag that was created especially for this routine.

Retail Price: $60.00 new



Condition: New

Instructions: Yes

Description: Show what appears to be a small wooden chopper. The blade is made of a piece of solid wood with a finger-size hole drilled through it. The blade neatly fits into a small set of stocks, also made of wood and hinged at the bottom. Remove the blade from the stocks and have both parts examined. Next, show how the blade slides up and down in the stocks. Ask a daring spectator to place their finger into the hole in the stocks. Explain that no matter what happens, they are not to remove their finger from the hole. A mighty chop and the blade seemingly penetrates right through their finger. But wait, there’s more. Remove the wooden stock, and there is the solid wood blade hanging on their outstretched finger. A miracle. And, all may be handed for immediate examination.

Retail Price: $50.00 New



Condition: New

Instructions: Yes

Description: The classic Three Card Monte with giant cards (36 x 24 cm) (14″ x 10 “) made of plastic.

The trick can be performed on the biggest stages as well because the cards can be perfectly well seen from the back row, too.  The magician shows the audience two kings of clubs and one queen of hearts.

He turns them face to himself and shuffles them. When he asks the spectators which the queen is, they will not be able to guess correctly.

The magician performs the trick several times but all in vain: the spectators have bad luck.

When he shuffles the three cards face to himself, he tries to make it somewhat easier and asks the spectators which the king of clubs is. The spectators are again wrong.

The magician says he is very sorry but the spectators did not guess correctly again: this time he has got three queens of hearts in the hand.

Retail Price: $145.00 new


SUCKER DIE BOX by Stoner Magic and Jack Leick

Condition: Used – In good condition.  Crease on gimmick but is unnoticeable.  Works great.

Instructions: No.

Description: Jack Leick’s ingenious variation of the classic Die Box. In all magic there is probably no sucker effect to compare with this splendid trick. There are several methods on the market having varied features, but we offer what we believe to be the finest and best outfit for packing the greatest effect.

A hat or other container is placed on your table. A solid wooden die is introduced, also a handsome red box having two compartments and four doors. These four doors are opened and with the audience looking in the front, the die is placed within the box. With the four doors open, the audience is given a view of the die inside the box.

The doors are closed. The magician now commands the die to leave the box, opening first one side, then the other, showing the box to be empty(?). The audience hears the die slide from one compartment to the other. After the usual by-play the magician shows the die has vanished and appeared back in the hat or container.

Retail Price: $95.00 new



Condition: Used – still in good condition.  One of the red covers is missing a Velcro tab but can be easily replaced.

Instructions: Yes

Description: A spectator is invited to the stage to participate in a “Magic Game Show” The Spectator is not told, until she is on stage, that the show is called “KISS THE MAGICIAN”

If the spectator wins the grand prize, she will have the privilege of kissing the magician. (Spectators will not be excited about this, but handled properly, they will play along).

The spectator is told that she must select any square on the game board (which contains different prizes, even a new car) and then follow pre-written directions. Where she ends up will signify her prize.

After following the directions, the spectator magically ends up on the only square that says, SPECIAL PRIZE!

The magician then brings out an envelope which contains the special prize….A KISS FROM THE MAGICIAN !!

Game Board is made of Stiff Cardboard and measures 17″ X 11″. The red and blue covers are held on by Velcro.

Retail Price: $15.00 new



Condition:  Still in working order and comes with pens

Instructions: Yes

Description: Magician shows a large (9” x 15”) white board, on the back of this board, he or she states, is a prediction, the prediction of a certain card which is going to be chosen a few moments from now.  A card is selected and named.  The magician turns the prediction board around and calamity, the inscription on the board, boldly lettered in black, is incorrect.  The card stated is NOT the one chose.

The Magician takes a duster and flicks this across the face of the board – instantaneously, the name of the card changes to the correct one.

Easy to do, always ready, re-set in a jiffy.  Clean to work, no messy chalk in the older (Magi-Craft) version.  A modern scientific discovery of a new material makes this new version of the effect possible.

Retail Price: Unavailable – one auction had it at around $100.00 used.


ABC BLOCKS by Tannen’s Magic

Condition: Used but good condition.  Minimal scratches but gimmick and paint is in very good condition. Base and pole are fine as is exterior tube.

Instructions: No

Description: ABC Blocks is an ALL-Time Kid Show Classic!

Show three wood blocks labeled A, B & C, along with a square tube.

Block A is removed and put inside a hat. The remaining two blocks are covered with the tube.

Ask the kids “Now where is Block A?” Of course they say “In the Hat.” They are correct (this time)!

You lift the tube showing the position of Blocks B & C. Block A is placed on top of B & C, then covered with the Tube. You ask “Where is Block B? Whatever they say is WRONG!

You lift the Tube and Block B has VANISHED! Reach into your hat and remove Block B!

Retail Price: $110.00 new

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