We are not worthy: Schoolcraft 3CF for Sale

The Author with His 3CF from Schoolcraft CoinsWe put up our Schoolcraft 3CF for sale on eBay.  We are not worthy.

Here is the ad for Jamie Schoolcraft’s 3CF coin set:

The 3CF is an original Schoolcraft creation.   The 3CF is everything the 3CM is and more!  This gimmick is basically an all-in-one gaff.  The outer most shell is expanded, so you can use it with regular coins. 

The middle shell is Deans Set sized, so it will work with the Deans Sets.  And lastly the magnetic insert coin is also a magnetic flipper.  Giving you four coins that will all go into one.  The magnetics are perfectly balanced just like the 3CM gimmick, and the entire unit is lined with industrial grade Teflon. 

There are several artists currently working on routines for this new unique gaff.  There are some exciting additions to this gaff also coming in the near future. The 3CF is a 3CM, Magnetic Flipper Coin, Shimmed Shell/Magnetic Flipper Combo, and an Expanded shell all rolled into one compact gaff.  Giving you endless routine possibilities!!

How great are Jamie Schoolcraft’s coin sets?  They are so great that we do not deserve them.  We have skills and we can handle much of what is taught in Bobo’s Coin Magic but there is little chance you’ll see our coin routine in Vegas – unless it is in a contest at one of the many conventions.  And we do believe anyone performing close-up should use the best props available and necessary to achieve the intended effect.  So, by our logic, we should keep the coin set.  Unfortunately, logic doesn’t thrive in our skull; it is drowned by floods of emotion and scorched by the searing sun of self-doubt. 

Is the Schoolcraft 3CF the finest piece of equipment we have ever owned?  Yes.  Do we deserve it? No.

A reasonable person might ask, why or how would a person “deserve” one trick or another?

We have no retort.  It is not a matter of price – although the set is not inexpensive – or even its relative rarity.  The question is only whether we deserve to have a set made with such precision, such skill? 

We have come close to listing the Schoolcraft 3CF on eBay several times but hesitated before clicking the final button.  We bent over the coin set, stroking it slowly and intoning Gollum’s “precious, precious.”

If you are interested and deserving of such a fine effect made by the master craftsman, you can check out our listing on eBay.  If you believe yourself undeserving of such an item, you can join us at the group therapy session on Tuesdays in conference room C-1 at the community center.

Here is the eBay link if you have it in you.  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190447069439

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