Schoolcraft Quarter Flipper at eBay

Another plug for an eBay sale.  We wonder how this qualifies as news?

Check out the newly reduced price for the Buy It Now Option on eBay now! (

The Flipper Quarter is Sold Out on the Schoolcraft Store.  If you want one, this may be your best chance.

If you are not a Magician — you likely do not know what a flipper coin is or why one would want it.  If you are a Magician — you know exactly what a flipper coin is, why you would want it, and how disappointing most coins are.

PLEASE NOTE: The image of the two coins overlapped is the gimmicked set but the set we are selling is a 1999 Connecticut with the tree (Nutmeg?) on the back.

I have uploaded a picture of the reverse of the actual coin just now.
If you are a Magician who works around real people in real settings, you have probably always wanted a flipper quarter.  The gimmick usually comes as a half-dollar or dollar coin.  This is because the technology into making the weight and force work is too far advanced for mere mortal gimmicked coin manufacturers.
You can not "grind out" a quarter version of the flipper coin.  It probably could not be automated.  The task takes time and patience to make it look perfect — suitable for audiences within arms' length — but also work perfect and perfectly every time. 

The Schoolcraft Flipper is an extremely well-made gimmicked coin that can allow a magician to perform pretty amazing effects with little or no sleight of hand.  We are not going to give the secret away.  Besides, if you are a magician, you already know.
The Schoolcraft Flipper coin differs from traditional Flipper coins in three ways:

1. The coin opens via gravity. This means no shaking.  Pick it up and use it.  And once it closes, it stays closed as you continue with your effect.
2. When open, the coin can lay flat on your hands or on a table surface. This means, you can pick it up, and set it back down in the open position without any bizarre hand moves. 
3. There is no visible rubber band — it is internal. An internal rubber band means the gaff can withstand reasonable scrutiny from the side.

The Schoolcraft Flipper coin has been sold to many inventive magicians in the last two years.
This is a great opportunity to purchase a brand new gaff at a great price.

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