A Whole Bunch of Magic For Sale

Rich Bloch /  Collector's Workshop Perfect Time IIIWe are winnowing down our extensive magic stores.  Over on eBay, we have two lots up for sale as we type and a third is going up this evening.

How do we know we are selling a lot?  We ran out of room to post the pictures of the items in our first lot.

We had questions from buyers asking for images of the Collector’s Workshop / Rich Bloch Perfect Time III.  It is used, has very slight scratches on the back and needs a new battery.  Fortunately, it is a real watch so your neighborhood jeweler has the battery and can even replace it for almost nothing.  It cost us $7.00 for the battery and the installation.  We also had to explain to the jeweler to why the watch looked different on the inside than others she had seen in her 22 years of jewelry work.  But we didn’t give up the trick, we explained it was an invention we were working on to allow for easier use of the watch by people who are lazy.

We don’t know if she believed us but she still replaced the battery and watched us leave without comment.

Here are images of the watch for those who have visited eBay and wondered.

As we type this, there is a mere 10 hours remaining in the sale.  If you are interested it the watch or any of the other stage effects, you should get over there quickly.

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