Magician John Calvert Passes at 102

Inside Magic Image of John and Tammy Calvert - The Amazing CoupleWe were sad to read that magician John Calvert passed away last week.  Mr. Calvert’s well-deserved acclaim developed the many decades of his illustrious magic and movie career.

He entertained Hollywood movie stars, worked as a stunt man and appeared in several major motion pictures.  He was 102 years old.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Mr. Calvert was bit by the magic bug at the age of 8, when his father brought him to see Howard Thurston perform in Cincinnati.  He immediately began working to impress his friends with his new-found skills in our wonderful craft.

Mr. Calvert and his lovely wife, Tammy traveled the world many times and were headliners in more countries than we can list.  He piloted his own yacht and plane and survived incredible mishaps with both means of transportation.

The Times notes that at the age of 100 he appeared at the London Palladium.  We note that we have yet to appear at the Palladium or London or any anagram of the words “Palladium” and “London.”

The Magic Castle heralded him as their oldest regularly performing member.

Mr. Calvert and Tammy were kind to Inside Magic.  They were courteous and always responsive.  It was clear they loved magic and each other.  He will be missed.

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