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Great Magic Tricks and Magic Dealers

1926-Johnson Smith Co. AdAs all readers know, InsideMagic.com does not do paid endorsements of Magic Dealers or their tricks for sale.  When we review a trick, readers know that we really, really like it and are not receiving a red cent for the good word.

Not that we are against being bribed to writing a great review for a lousy trick but the offer doesn’t come around that often.  That could be because Magic Dealers are notoriously honest and we have a readership hovering in the single digits and the hovering is in the lower range of that single digit range.  We prefer to think that Magic Dealers are honest and above bribes.

But the subject has caused us to wonder: why do Magic Dealers like Viking Magic, Meir Yedid and Cody Fisher produce quality tricks.  They could produce the same effect to do the same thing with lousy quality but they don’t.

We got to thinking about this when we received Viking Magic’s Nest of Brass Boxes.  The tolerances of the brass machining is exact and, dare we say — and we do dare, it’s our nature — perfect.  The trick is not new, it is the quality of the trick that makes the difference.  George Robinson is not just a nice guy and proprietor of a great shop, he seems to insist on quality when less than quality would do.  The brass is beautiful, the instructions are great, the delivery was prompt and the trick works right out of the box.  We didn’t have to make the gimmick or even polish the brass.

Meir Yedid apparently loves magic as much as we do.  His services include the latest magic news and his descriptions of the effects he sells are first class.  He gives a short history on how he came upon the trick, offers his suggested variations on handling, and great prices.  Again, he doesn’t need to do this.  People in our business know Meir Yedid.  They trust him and so he could rest on his laurels.  We recline on our beanbag chair, we have no laurels on which to rest.  If we did, they would probably have thorns making for a difficult resting experience.

As many InsideMagic.com readers know, we have a jones for color changing knives.  It could be because it was the first trick we received on the first day upon being employed by the legendary Barry Gibbs — developer of the finest Rising Card effect ever made, the A.M.Y Rising Cards — at the legendary Magic Wagon at the no-longer existent Palm Beach Mall.  He instructed us to learn the moves and to come back for our next day at work with it practiced.  He also told us to clip and clean our fingernails before demonstrating any magic at the kiosk.  That set was from D. Robbins with the locking blade.  We loved it because it was our introduction into our mentorship with Mr. Gibbs.  Over the next two years, he taught us so much but the Color Changing Knives stuck — pun intended.

We have purchased Joe Mogar sets, Rodger Loveland‘s beautiful and larger set, and now two more sets from Meir Yedid including a set made from used car parts.  How many sets does on magician need?  We don’t know but when we find out, we’ll share the news on this humble site.

Cody Fisher is not only inventive, he is a great guy.  His personal approach to dealing with customers and past customers is the finest — and it does not have to be.  His tricks are strong enough to be a less interested or helpful dealer but that apparently not his style.

But why?  Why make such great Magic Tricks with such high quality and great customer service?  Because we are a small market?  No, they would have greater economic incentives to do the bare minimum and take the least path to satisfying the customer.  The economics of the situation would seem to dictate that they should do enough to get the sale and move on.  Yes, customer service would help build loyalty but pricing lowered by lesser quality would compete against this benefit.

We come to the conclusion that they are magicians first and Magic dealers’ second.  They promote our Art and care about their customers because they want to put out the best quality effects and follow up with customers because they care about their customers’ use of the products.

They don’t need to but they do.

We are thankful that they do but we are not above taking bribes for endorsements.  Perhaps that’s the difference between us and them.  Fortunately in the last 25 years of this site’s existence, we’ve never had to face that dilemma.


Our Big Sale of Big Magic on eBay

The Stage LotWe are selling four lots of magic starting tonight on eBay.

Tonight, we put up the stage lot with some great tricks from our acts over the years.  Check out the eBay listing for some rare, new, not rare and not new magic all being sold in one big clump.  You can visit the listing here.

Here’s what we have listed in this big batch of magic!

COLLECTOR’S WORKSHOP PERFECT TIME III by Richard Bloch and Collector’s Workshop

Condition: In good condition.  Slight scratches on back and needs a new watch battery.  Any jeweler can replace the battery – it is a standard battery for a watch.  That makes sense.

Instructions: Yes

Description: This is quite possibly the most remarkable Prediction Watch ever invented! The Perfect Time watch has been copied but the cheap imitations pale in contrast to the high quality and precision provided by the original system. Perfect Time III is an improved version of the original offering. The watch-works are superior as is the system. The system has been improved to eliminate the problems experienced in some of the earlier versions.

Retail Price: $349.95 new



Condition: Very good condition with dry erase pen.  One cover needs an additional Velcro piece.

Instructions: Yes

Description:  Hen Fetch’s classic triple-prediction mental effect. Probably the finest effect of its sort ever produced… It uses a large “slate” that is divided into six equal squares. One at a time you make three predictions in the top three spaces and cover them. Three spectator’s selections are written in the bottom three spaces. On uncovering your predictions they are seen to match the spectator’s selections exactly! The predictions can be anything you desire, any book, word, number, color, design, name, place, date, and a chosen playing card. Requires absolutely no skill, no effort on your part.

Dave Powell’s Ghost Board made to his usual very high standard – Size approx 15″ x 19″.

Retail Price: $135.00 new



Condition: Acceptable but needs work – Chrome rings at end of cylinder are loose.  Could stand some cleaning as well.  Metal cylinder shows wear – it is close to 35 years old. Still works though.

Instructions: No

Description: Here is a really easy device for producing items such as silks, flowers, candy or prizes! Or for changing one item into another!

Place several colorful silks into the clear Crystal Silk Cylinder. Momentarily cover it with a yellow tube. When you remove the tube, the silks have disappeared and the Cylinder is now full of balls, candy or even live gold fish!

This professional grade illusion is easy to perform and will get a BIG reaction! We even include three 12 inch silks!

You can do so much with this ingenious trick. Produce candy or little prizes! Ideal for producing message silks, such as the Happy Birthday silk, the Thank You silk or even The End silk. This tube will hold a LOT!

The clear plastic inside tube stands 12 inches high and has an opening of 3 inches across. The outer tube is painted metal, and the base is painted wood.

Retail Price: $95.00 new.



Condition: Purchased in 1974, this effect has seen a lot of stage time.  The chrome rings at the end of the clear cylinder need to be connected to the cylinder better.  One of the rings needs to be closed – it separated at the seam.  The base is fine and the outer tube shows wear but is in good working condition.  The vanishing box shows some wear but is mechanically fine.  All balls included.

Instructions: No

Description:  Created by UF Grant, STRAT-O-SPHERES is a feature effect that will leave your audience speechless!

You show a tall clear tube with metal ends, which rests on a wooden base, a highly decorated metal tube, a wooden box, and three balls, each a different color.

Although there is only enough room in the tube for the three balls, one on top of the other, the ball placed on top of the three magically appears on the bottom or in the center of the stack of three.   The balls are never in the right order.  One of the balls seems to roam around at will.

Finally, you take the roaming ball and place it in the wooden box.

You grasp the box by the ends of the doors and flip it open.  The ball has vanished!

The audience sees completely through the box.  The ball reappears back in the plastic tube between the other two.

The balls are 3″ in diameter and the colors are molded into the balls so they will never peel.  A great trick that will please your audience for many generations.

Retail Price: $100.00 new



Condition:  Brand New

Instructions: Yes

Description: FAB Magic is the only magic dealer authorized to manufacture and market Bev Bergeron’s wands! This is the original! Don’t be misled by other wands that “nest” within one another that are manufactured elsewhere!

Effect: Magician asks volunteer to assist with a trick. A series of five magic wands magically appear and are placed under the arms, in the hands and under the chin of the volunteer. Great routine for comedy and children shows.

Complete with Bev’s own routine and instructions! Great for clowns and emcee’s too! Manufactured in the USA by The FAB Magic Company. Each wand is 11″ in length.

Retail Price: $27.00 new

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