Run Wolf Run to Be Sold on Ebay

Inside Magic Image of Run Wolf Run for Sale on eBay this EveningWe are selling our Run Wolf Run magic trick on eBay today.  The listing will go live at 8:00 pm Eastern with a Buy It Now price of $425.00 and a starting bid of $10.00.  This is a rare trick to find anywhere and we are sure the purchaser will enjoy it as much as we have.  Here is a summary of the listing as it appears on eBay.

A Complete Professional Kid Show Routine … in your hands! ALL Mechanical!! NO Batteries required!

From the Original Wolf’s Magic Advertisement:

Mechanically inspired by the Classic “Run Bonzo Run” created by the late great Jack Hughes. We have taken this effect and created a a prop that is Visually and Mechanically SUPERIOR to any “Run rabbit Run” type effect in magic history!

The classic plot has been changed (a Special Thanks to Marcus Eayres for the Plot Concept! 🙂 and now Stars our very own “Wacky Wolf” as the mischievous “Egg Bandit” who raids the Chicken Coop trying to steal eggs to pay his back rent!

How else do you think a Wolf pays his rent?

With the help from the kids, the Wacky Wolf can never seem to catch a break as he is caught by the kids running back and forth, popping up and down and peaking out from the side of the Coop!

All along the magician never seems to see the Wolf and his antics. Eventually, ALL 4 DOORS are opened as the magician tries to find the Wolf only to find he has VANISHED! After the kids have settled down from Laughter and Screaming, the Wolf is finally found hiding in the Magicians pocket (or anyplace you like).

We have upgraded the mechanics and structure to last for YEARS of performance. The unit itself has been created using In-House CNC Technology giving you precision machined parts. All artwork has been Hand Drawn by Chance Wolf himself, imported to the computer, Color separated and finally converted to Silk Screen art. Then Chance Hand Silk Screens every unit himself ending up with a total of 27 Separate Color Application per UNIT!!

Unfortunately, the photos cannot convey the vivid colors and beauty of this prop.


Alumi-Core Structure: CNC Machined from and Aluminum Surface/Nylon Core material topped with an Enamel Baked Finish. Assuring a long lasting, corrosion free prop. The most expensive material available for manufacturing. Literally 10 TIMES the cost of cheap Masonite which most props have traditionally been made from. Our In-House CNC capabilities give you unbelievable accuracy with each and every part allowing us to produce items we could never have done with our traditional methods.

Custom Pivot Arm Assembly: The Pivot Arm Mechanism, which is what makes the Wolf travel back and forth, was custom designed by Chance Wolf giving you the SMOOTHEST operation you have ever seen. We use a Nylon Sleeve Bushing mounted to the back of the Wolf which travels along a 3/16″ diameter Stainless Steel Rod. The Pivot Arm itself has been CNC Machined from 1/8″ thick Aluminum featuring a Nut & Bolt assembled Nylon Sleeved Thumb Trigger. Solid as a Rock and ready to roll!

7″ Tall Wacky Wolf Cut Outs: We made the Wacky Wolf taller than any other version. He stands at 7″ Tall, 1/8″ Thick and is easily visible with his 5 COLOR Silk Screened applications!!

POP-UP Wolf!: We added a NEW FEATURE not seen in typical “Run Rabbit Run” effects. The “Pop-Up Wolf”. You can POP the Wolf up above the roof of his house at any time which adds another “Look No See” dynamic to this effect!!

Peaking Wolf Soft Grip Trigger: The Peaking Wolf” feature has been upgraded with Ultra Smooth Mechanics and a Rubber Cap covering the Thumb Lever. This gives you a more comfortable grip and control as well as reliable operation.

3-D Chicken Graphics: We have added Flat Cut-Out Chickens in the Coop and used a “Suspended Mounting” which gives a more 3-D look to the interior of the Coop.

Flip Out Footies: The pivoting feet are typical however we added a Lock Nut & Bolt assembly assuring a tighter longer lasting fit so you will not have to worry about screws falling out. Rare

Earth Magnetic Door Latches: We have embedded Rare Earth Magnets into the panes, both front and back, which gives a maintenance free door latching method.

27 Hand Silk Screened Color Applications: Each unit has been Silk Screened by Chance Wolf using the Highest Quality, Hand Mixed Colors of Hi-Gloss Enamel. Screen Printed onto the Enamel baked Aluminum Finish giving you the cleanest most VIVID Colors you have ever seen on a magic Prop!

Complete Operating and Routine Instructions included.

Size: 23″ Wide x 12″ Tall x 1 1/2″ Thick

Believe us when we tell you that this is the most beautiful prop you’ve ever laid eyes on!

Exceptional quality throughout, it’s a must-have item for any working performer.

Proudly MADE in the USA!!

Please Note:

1.   The effect does perpetuate the unfortunate stereotype that Wolves are carnivores and can become “wacky” in their hunt for food. While this is a stereotype based on truth it does tend to minimize the angst experienced by some wolves which left untreated can lead to mental conditions crudely described as “being wacky.” We are not saying all wolves are “wacky” or are “wacked-out” and we are quite certain that a wolf would rather eat three square meals each day as opposed to stealing chickens from a farm.

Perhaps the best way to look at this effect is as either a kid show trick where the underlying existential authenticity does not matter or as a well-intended caricature of society’s well established stereotypes. Not all wolves poach chickens from farms but given the chance, most would.

2.   No chickens are actually poached by the wolf at any time in the magic effect. Further, there is no implication that a chicken has been abducted by the beautifully rendered wolf. Thanks to the screaming intervention from your audience, the wolf is caught before any chickens can be stolen or even intimidated.

3.   Wolves and Chickens are both special and this trick intentionally avoids comparing the relative value to society of either creature — although the wolf is portrayed as having some sort of desperation-induced lunacy. But this is not to say that the “wackiness” is permanent or necessarily bad.

The chickens are portrayed as “potential victims” but never develop into actual victims. See note 2 above.

4.   Audience members will yell at you as you perform this trick. That is part of the trick’s charm. If you do not like to be yelled at, this trick could be disturbing to you.

It is important to remember the audience is yelling to alert you to something happening in the trick itself. They are not yelling at you because they judge you in a negative way or believe you are contemptible.

The opposite is true. They want to help you help the chickens stop the endless tradition of poaching by insane wolves. Listen to their shouts and appreciate their efforts to be part of the solution. Nothing personal is meant by their excited screeching. They will remember the event as being pleasant and “fun” and you should do the same.

5.  While the trick does use “rare earth magnets” it is not depleting the earth of this apparent resource.

The term “rare earth” is used here as an adjectival phrase for the noun “magnet” to describe a type of magnet rather than its abundance.

Recent studies have confirmed the earth has plenty of these types of magnets and is not in danger of running out ever.

6.  Because you are receiving a secret and a prop, there are no returns accepted for this item. Magic is unique in the world of consumer products. If you buy an ironing board and take it home and set it up and start ironing — perhaps your velvet Magician’s Cape — and decide it does not meet your needs, you can bring it back to the Ironing Board Store. They are happy to take it back from you (usually) because you are returning everything they sold you: they sold you an ironing board and you brought back an ironing board.

With magic, however, you are buying a prop and the secret to making the prop do magical things. Once you know the secret, you know the trick and therefore most of the trick’s value.

Currently, consumer protection laws in most states make it nearly impossible to remove knowledge of the trick’s secret from your brain and so there is no way to make a real return of the item you have purchased.

7.  We will ship to anywhere in the United States for $15.00.

If you live outside of the United States, we will ship to you but at your expense. We won’t charge a penny more for the shipping and handling than what it actually costs to send by the method you want.

You will be responsible for any taxes or duty (ha, we said “duty”) that you may need to pay on your receipt of the shipment. We also cannot fib to the customs people and tell them this is a gift or a sales sample or has no value.

We will declare the value for exactly what you pay and indicate it is a purchased good.

8.  Our research suggests no one reads all the way down to the eighth paragraph in the notes section. So, if you are reading this, you are special. Indicate on the message to the seller when you pay through PayPal that you have read this paragraph by saying the code words “Eighth Paragraph” and we will include a special magic gift for you with the Run Wolf Run. It is our thanks for being kind enough to read this far.


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