J C Sum and Magic Babe Ning Break Record

The Impossible Record - J C Sum and Ning "Magic Babe"They did it!

According to J C Sum’s web site, he and the lovely “Magic Babe” Ning set the record for “most number of grand illusions performed in five minutes.”

The record was set on Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 9:40 pm.

Turn-out was great. And why wouldn’t it be?

J C Sum and Magic Babe Ning have taken the country by storm with well-timed and publicised stunts and apperances.

Plus, where else can one see 15 big-time illusions in five minutes?

We understand more than 3000 people witnessed the blur of illusions in the beautiful Central Promenade adjacent to Singapore River.

The Impossible Record closed the 2009 Edition of the Singapore Tourism Board’s River Festival 2009.

From Mr. Sum’s web site:

The International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Singapore Book of Records officially adjudicated and endorsed the world record attempt. The record is the first ever magic record of any kind to be adjudicated by the Singapore Book of Records and is also in the process of being submitted to Guinness World Records.

In just five minutes, the audience saw the two appear, vanish, teleport, change places, penetrate and disset the other and even produce a full-size motorcycle.

They cut it close though.

The clock hit zero just as they finished their newest creation, 360 Sawing.

This routine takes Sawing a Woman in Half and gives it a visual twist, literally.  Magic Babe Ning is divided into two parts and then watches as her upper body is vertically rotated around her lower half.

Under the official rules governing the event, an illusion was considered “successfully executed as long as the magic effect is completed, even if the choreography of the illusion is not completed.”

The President of the Singapore Book of Records presented the duo with the official record certificate after the presentation.

The Local IBM Ring President (Ring Number 115) awarded the exhausted couple a Special Achievement Award.

Like so many things, 15 illusions in five minutes takes a disproportionate amount of time to prepare.

The Duo spent about 120 hours rehearsing each illusion and the project took about three years to bring together.

Here is the list of the 15 illusions performed in the amount of time it takes us to tie our own shoes.

  • Smoke Chamber: J C magically appears from an empty clear cabinet that fills with smoke
  • Crystal Appearance: Ning magically appears from a small crystal clear box
  • Crystal Metamorphosis: J C and Ning perform an instant teleportation
  • Full Throttle: J C and Ning make a full-sized motorcycle appear from nowhere
  • Girl from Box: A girl appears from an empty box
  • Girl Vanishes from Trunk: Girl gets into an ATA case, it is spun around and it is shown empty
  • Two Girls Appear from Trunk: Trunk is closed and opened up and two girls magically reappear
  • Body Through Steel: Ning passes her body through a solid plate of steel
  • Walking Through Person: J C walks through Ning’s body
  • Spiker: Ning passes a bed of spikes through J C’s body
  • Light & Space Part 1: Ning vanishes in a blink of an eye
  • Light & Space Part 2: Ning appears instantly
  • Escape from a Spear: Ning attempts to escape from a Spear and ends up disappearing into thin air
  • Magic Babe Teleports: Ning magically reappears in another place
  • 360 Sawing: J C divides Ning in half but also rotates the upper half of her body over and around her lower half

Check out Mr. Sum’s web site here for more details.  You can read Magic Babe Ning’s take on the preparation and execution at her site here.

You can also visit their combined site http://www.conceptmagic.biz/.

We have updated The Inside Magic Links of Fame to include these sites and more.

Congratulations.  So, what is next?

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  1. Being there and watching the video is two different experience. Watching it there on location with the atmosphere was totally exciting. When the last 10 seconds started to beep, I was very nervous! It was that fun watching it live!

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