J C Sum and “The Magic Babe” Ning try Impossible

The Impossible Record - J C Sum and Ning "Magic Babe"We wrote about this amazing duo a couple of weeks ago.  The article previewed their upcoming appearance on Asia Uncut.   It was impressive.  We don’t get the network on which J C Sum and “Magic Babe” Ning  appeared here in Mystic Hollow – even with our hacked-up satellite antennae.

We do, however, get YouTube.com and were able to see the Asia Uncut show in high definition.

Ning does one heck of a great straight-jacket escape — very clever and entertaining.

Well, the magic couple have returned with a new event to promote.

On June 27, 2009, J C Sum and  “Magic Babe” Ning will attempt “The Impossible Record.”

What is “The Impossible Record,” you ask.

We will let J C Sum explain:

Set to a countdown timer in front of an expected audience of 5000 people, Ning & I will attempt to perform a world record-setting 15 grand illusions in 5 minutes.

Grand illusions are defined as large-scale stage magic acts that involve physicality and usually utilize, but not limited to, large props. Sleight of hand acts, card tricks, magic with birds or handkerchiefs do not constitute as grand illusion.

The record attempt will be adjudicated by the Singapore Book of Records and the International Brotherhood of Magicians. The record is the first ever magic record of any kind to be adjudicated by the Singapore Book of Records and is also being submitted to Guinness World Records.

For this mega event, we will be making ourselves appear, vanish, teleport, exchange places, dissect their bodies, pass through solid objects, making a motorcycle appear, and much more in this physically and mentally challenging feat of attempting 15 grand illusions in 5 minutes.

Hans Klok is the magician we usually associate with great illusions done with rapidity.  In fact, we just saw a column by Robin Leach in Las Vegas Weekly on Mr. Klok’s most recent speed record.

You can view the YouTube.com video of the presentation here.  We count ten illusions performed although the on-screen counter stops at nine.

Given our almost reflexive association between Hans Klok and fabulous magic performed flawlessly but quickly, we were happy to read J C Sum’s mention of Mr. Klok’s achievements.

He tells readers, “One of my favourite illusionists, Hans Klok, who presented 10 illusions in 5 minutes last year during a TV studio recording, set the current un-official record. We are trying to up that by 50 percent!”

If our math is correct – and three out of two times it is not – that means J C Sum and “Magic Babe” Ning will perform 15 illusions in five minutes.

Five minutes is a long time to hold one’s breath, be hit with a ruler, sit on a block of ice, be hugged by one’s aunt who smells, or even have a poorly executed body waxing.

Five minutes is not that long, however, when one is trying to coordinate illusions and assistants in a studio.

We wish the couple the best of luck and we will cover the event right here on insidemagic.com.

Check out their teaser video here.

Ning has her own blog and store at www.magicboutique.sg

You can read their press releases and J C Sum’s comments at their web site BACKSTAGE BUSINESS: The Art, Science & Business of Showbiz by J C Sum.

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3 thoughts on “J C Sum and “The Magic Babe” Ning try Impossible”

  1. Just want to personally thank you guys for taking the time in covering our projects! Very entertaining read and you really put in effort to not just report magic happenings but to add your own spin on it too. Let me know if you want an exclusive of the upcoming “The Impossible Record”! 🙂 J C

  2. Oh, BTW, this ‘Magic Babe’ Ning… not the other way around… 🙂

    We changed the references in the article. Sorry about that. — ed.

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