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From Whit to Magic Babe Ning

Inside Magic Image of Magic Babe NingYesterday, Thanksgiving here in the U.S., we republished our first Inside Magic Celebrity Interview . Whit Haydn was the first of the Inside Magic Favorites and a great start to our on-line journal back in 2003.

Whit Haydn is one of the busiest in our craft and so we were honored that he would take time to help launch Inside Magic.

We have had some great interviews over the last seven years. We doubt professionals in other crafts are so willing to give access to the lesser media outlets; but magicians have almost uniformly been available for interviews, stories, gossip, and denial of gossip.

Coming up on Monday, November 30, we are honored to publish our latest Inside Magic Celebrity Interview with one of the hottest magicians working today.

Magic Babe Ning and J.C.Sum have been featured here and in more reputable journals around the world for their constant push to outdo their previous stunts. We asked Ning if she would consider being the subject of our Inside Magic Celebrity Interview and surprisingly, she said yes. We learned later that she was very sick and no doubt acceded to our plea in feverous delirium.

It is a classy person who sticks by her promises; even if the promises were made under duress. Ning is the definition of classy.

We were surprised by her willingness to answer even our more intrusive questions with enthusiastic sense of candor. We learned about her special connection with magician David Copperfield, her feelings about being a sex symbol, her willingness to try even the most dangerous stunts, and her relationship with J.C. Sum.

Look for the full interview on Monday. This is one you don’t want to miss. In fact, we think we’ll make a point of reading it as well. Plus we like the pictures she sent along – ok, so we are human, sue us.

Asia’s Celebrity Magic Duo: We’ll Vanish Five Two Stories Up

Inside Magic Favorites J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning have been rumored to be working on something special – really special.

The Straits Times bestowed upon the charismatic duo the title “Asia’s most famous illusionists.”

What they have planned will certainly send The Times back to the thesaurus for new adjectives.

Because we are special here at Inside Magic, we received word from ‘Magic Babe’ Ning confirming the rumors and providing essential details.

Maybe we’re not really special to Ning and J.C. but getting word of the event made us feel special and that is good enough for our self-esteem.

‘Magic Babe’ Ning said five lay folks will be invited to participate as a committee and actual participants in the Mega Illusion.

In what they are calling The Aerial Exit, as a live audience looks on, the five presumably anxious volunteers are lifted two stories straight up.

On command, the five volunteers will vanish.  Gone.  Poof.

If you would like to be one of the five to be lifted above the beautiful Singapore River on your way to the place where vanished things go, submit your name (or perhaps the name of someone you would like to vanish) at www.museums.com.sg/es10 for a chance to be one of the five. The closing date for submission is Nov 28, 2010.

As Inside Magic readers know, the young couple of magic have been busy over the last five years. It is not clear when they sleep.

Their talent and willingness to try the dangerous, untried, but spectacular keeps them on the top of the Asian Illusionist pecking order.

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Magic Babe Ning’s Controversial Escape Stunt Teases World Record Illusion Act

Magic Babe Ning Risks Life in Daring Straight Jacket EscapeInside Magic Favorite ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Cai literally elevated the risk level of her renown straight jacket escape last weekend.

Miss Ning is famous for her signature Straight Jacket Striptease routine.  She describes the act as “Harry Houdini meets the Pussy Cat Dolls.”

Her most recent presentation, however, moved from tease to terrifying. 

Inversion saw her completely restrained by a regulation straight jacket, blindfolded, and held upside down over a very real and very sharp bed of spikes.

Magic Seen calls Miss Ning “the sexiest woman in Magic” but this latest stunt could easily have ended in a decidedly less-than-sexy manner.

Honestly, we don’t know why they (escape artists) do this type of thing (risk their lives).

If our fellow performers risk their lives for our entertainment, they can skip it because we cannot handle it.

While we admire their skill, we tend to worry.

Inside Magic Favorite Dean Gunnarson sent us a video of an insane escape that took us a couple of hours to watch.

We kept stopping the video, visited our “happy place,” recalled that we were watching an event that happened in the past, and because Mr. Gunnarson sent us DVD himself,  there was every reason to think he was not killed in the footage we were viewing.

Like Miss Ning, Mr. Gunnarson performed an inverted straight jacket escape.

Miss Ning was over very sharp and sturdy steel spikes.

Similarly, Mr. Gunnarson was high above The Hoover Dam while hanging from a free-swinging bar using only his feet; no tether, no strap to hold the top of his shoes in place as he contorted his body.

Yes it was an amazing feat, but it also brought us nightmares and an additional five weeks of therapy.  And as many know, most insurance policies refuse to cover so-called “Puppet Psycho Therapy” beyond two weeks of visits.   Our recovery was costly and left emotional scars.

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J C Sum and “The Magic Babe” Ning try Impossible

The Impossible Record - J C Sum and Ning "Magic Babe"We wrote about this amazing duo a couple of weeks ago.  The article previewed their upcoming appearance on Asia Uncut.   It was impressive.  We don’t get the network on which J C Sum and “Magic Babe” Ning  appeared here in Mystic Hollow – even with our hacked-up satellite antennae.

We do, however, get YouTube.com and were able to see the Asia Uncut show in high definition.

Ning does one heck of a great straight-jacket escape — very clever and entertaining.

Well, the magic couple have returned with a new event to promote.

On June 27, 2009, J C Sum and  “Magic Babe” Ning will attempt “The Impossible Record.”

What is “The Impossible Record,” you ask.

We will let J C Sum explain:

Set to a countdown timer in front of an expected audience of 5000 people, Ning & I will attempt to perform a world record-setting 15 grand illusions in 5 minutes.

Grand illusions are defined as large-scale stage magic acts that involve physicality and usually utilize, but not limited to, large props. Sleight of hand acts, card tricks, magic with birds or handkerchiefs do not constitute as grand illusion.

The record attempt will be adjudicated by the Singapore Book of Records and the International Brotherhood of Magicians. The record is the first ever magic record of any kind to be adjudicated by the Singapore Book of Records and is also being submitted to Guinness World Records.

For this mega event, we will be making ourselves appear, vanish, teleport, exchange places, dissect their bodies, pass through solid objects, making a motorcycle appear, and much more in this physically and mentally challenging feat of attempting 15 grand illusions in 5 minutes.

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Great Press Release: J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning

J C Sum and 'Magic Babe' NingInside Magic receives about 200 solicited and unsolicited emails with images, stories, leads, and even full press releases.  We don’t always have time to read each attachment and worry that we will be missing a great story or important feature.

We also worry that the Mystic Hollow Librarian will get wise and have us ejected for running this web site and sending our incredibly successful spam campaign for herbal cures on the same computer the kids use to play Oregon Trail.

Because the chairs in the Kid’s Section are so small, we would welcome a good booting out the door.  But until the authorities crack down, we’ll continue to review all submissions with a careful eye.

J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning’s Press Release was titled, “Singapore Illusionist and Sexy Female Magician Make a Magical Appearance for Asia Uncut Talk Show on Star World.”

We have long conceded we are no more mature than a slightly post-pubescent 12 year-old.  We were intrigued.

Perhaps a more mature editor would not have been hooked by such a headline.  Chances are we wouldn’t read the type of publication that editor produces, so we will never know.

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