Asia’s Celebrity Magic Duo: We’ll Vanish Five Two Stories Up

Inside Magic Favorites J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning have been rumored to be working on something special – really special.

The Straits Times bestowed upon the charismatic duo the title “Asia’s most famous illusionists.”

What they have planned will certainly send The Times back to the thesaurus for new adjectives.

Because we are special here at Inside Magic, we received word from ‘Magic Babe’ Ning confirming the rumors and providing essential details.

Maybe we’re not really special to Ning and J.C. but getting word of the event made us feel special and that is good enough for our self-esteem.

‘Magic Babe’ Ning said five lay folks will be invited to participate as a committee and actual participants in the Mega Illusion.

In what they are calling The Aerial Exit, as a live audience looks on, the five presumably anxious volunteers are lifted two stories straight up.

On command, the five volunteers will vanish.  Gone.  Poof.

If you would like to be one of the five to be lifted above the beautiful Singapore River on your way to the place where vanished things go, submit your name (or perhaps the name of someone you would like to vanish) at for a chance to be one of the five. The closing date for submission is Nov 28, 2010.

As Inside Magic readers know, the young couple of magic have been busy over the last five years. It is not clear when they sleep.

Their talent and willingness to try the dangerous, untried, but spectacular keeps them on the top of the Asian Illusionist pecking order.

They have set records for the most illusions performed in five minutes, teleported people and cars over great distances, predicted the national lottery, and starred on television and in personal appearances. ‘Magic Babe’ Ning — aka the FHM Cover Girl (Singapore) and MagicSeen’s “The Sexiest Woman in Magic” — performed an incredible suspended straight jacket escape to prove her chops in the dangerous and demanding discipline of escape artistry.

By the way, not to be outdone by the UK web site, MagicSeen, we pronounced ‘Magic Babe’ Ning “The Smoldering Siren of Illusion” in addition to being “The Sexiest Performer to Respond to Our Email.

“This will be the first illusion the two will attempt “in the air.” We dare say that this would be the first illusion anyone has attempted under such incredible conditions.

Magic Babe Ning says the Aerial Exit is a “Mega Illusion.”

“We personally define a mega illusion as a large-scale illusion spectacle that involves a large or iconic object or venue and/ or covers a large area or distance. Most importantly, it is performed for a live audience and in an uncontrolled environment.

Ning is right and perhaps too modest. They will perform an incredibly difficult effect, 20 feet in the air, using lay participants, while surrounded by a live audience and probing television cameras. It is hard to believe they will have any control at all over the independent variables they have introduced.

A lay audience may not appreciate how magicians strive to reduce uncertainty. Heck, we get anxious when we have two or more kids on stage at any given time.

Chaos adores a control vacuum generally and races to fill that vacuum when it is found in a magic act.

But wait, the duo will double down on the “uncontrolled environment” meme.

Ning observed “we chose to move the focus of the act from the illusionists to the people. In this age of user-generated content and social media, we knew that people and the participants are the key to make the illusion appeal to the public and media.”

J C designed the original illusion observed:

“The illusion methodology and techniques employed in this mega illusion are completely different from our previous stunts. The fact that we are attempting the illusion with five untrained people from the general public makes it even more challenging.”

You said it, Brother!

We stopped doing Hippity Hop Rabbits because we worried the kids would fail to scream “turn it around!”

Uncontrolled environments spooks us.

The mega illusion is the grand finale of the National Heritage Board’s 2010 “Explore Singapore” campaign.

So make a note in your calendar that chaos meets spectacular ambition on December 12, 2010 at 5 p.m.

It will be the crowning event at the Asian Civilizations Museum by the iconic Singapore River. The event is free and open to the public. Spectators are invited to watch the mega illusion from any vantage point and photograph or video record the entire stunt.

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