Topas Readies for FISM

The 24th FISM ( International Federation of Magic Societies) World Championships of Magic, known as the Magic Olympics will be held in Beijing from July 26th to July 31st. As the most influential event of magic in the world, magicians from all over the world will compete with their fascinating performances.

Before the championships, one of Europe’s best magicians TOPAS was invited to Beijing. In a beautiful evening in June at Prince Gong’s Mansion, TOPAS talked with CRI reporter on the charm of magic, the most enjoyable thing in Beijing and the shows he will bring to audiences in the upcoming FISM World Championships of Magic.

TOPAS is one of Europe’s best magicians and belongs to the top ten of magic acts in the world. He has done many dangerous things, including an act where he made a three-ton elephant disappear at a zoo in Germany, and driving a luxury Alfa Romeo Cabrio through the busy streets in Stuttgart blindfolded.

He has won the FISM World Championships of Magic twice for his manipulations. Stephanie of Monaco awarded him the Golden Magic Wand of Monte Carlo.

He has performed on the NBC TV show “The world’s greatest magic” at Ceasar’s palace in Las Vegas and recently won best male cabaret act at the world Magic Awards in Los Angeles.He is considered to be one of magic’s most creative performers today and tours Europe with his own full evening shows.

Topas was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1972.

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