Keith Barry to Cure 10 of Flying Phobia

Keith-Barry-Helps-Amy-BlackCalling him “Ireland’s answer to David Copperfield,” The Evening Herald of Dublin splashed great press about local son Keith Barry.

Mr. Barry seeks ten Dubliners as test subjects with a morbid fear of flying.

Using no more than his powers or hypnotism, Mr. Barry will cure all ten of the phobia and accompany them on a Aer Arann flight to somewhere in Ireland or Scotland.

The Irish airline is very proud of the tie-in with Mr. Barry.

The amazing Mr. Barry will spend just 48 hours with the volunteers before the flight scheduled for July 10th.

Mr. Barry dismisses the phobia.  He told reporters “such fears are unfounded and are just a deeply-rooted mental issue.”

“I truly believe anyone can be cured of any fear. It is not that difficult to do. It’s my job to show people how they can help themselves.”

His selection method will hopefully provide a fine pool from which to choose the final ten subjects.

Mr. Barry is working with Dublin’s 98 radio station to find just the right folks.

Dublin radio station asking listeners to prove they deserve to experience the cure.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time because with some very clever thinking we can get rid of this terror they have, whether it’s of flying, or spiders, or whatever else,” Mr. Barry told The Evening Herald.

“Their fear isn’t actually of flying — it’s more the thought of flying, which is embedded in their subconscious mind. This isn’t going to be a temporary cure. The idea is to help them get over their fear forever.”

Mr. Barry may include footage of the experience and follow up treatment in a Discovery Channel project.

We have learned that his four-day engagement at The Olympia Theater has nearly sold-out already.

There was no word whether he will add additional dates to accommodate the demand.

What a wonderful problem to have.

Check out Mr. Barry’s very well-made web site, Keith Barry – The Druid Master, at:

Check out the full article and links to other aspects of Mr. Barry’s work here:  Keith Barry to help 10 people conquer fear of flying – The Evening Herald.

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