Aaron Radatz to Perform Wild Escape

aaron radatz and crateThe Valdosta Daily Times of beautiful Valdosta, Georgia went all out in its coverage of Aaron Radatz participation in the town’s Wild Adventures All-American Weekend.

Mr. Radatz told the reporter he is kicking it old school.  Actually, that is our interpretation of his quote.  “This is a straight-forward Houdini-style escape,” Mr. Radatz said. “Some contemporary magicians use steel boxes and other materials. But I like it old school, using wooden crates like Houdini used to use.”

And like Houdini, Mr. Radatz’ restraints will not consist solely of a chained box submerged in the Wild Adventures Lake.

Mr. Radatz will confound his efforts to escape the crate.

He intends to be chained and handcuffed within the box before being dropped into the Lake.

Officials have ensured that the crate will sink quickly by drilling holes to allow water to replace the limited air space in the box.

Mr. Radatz noted that when Houdini performed the escape, it was a test of the Showman’s ability to escape quickly from one restraint.

Because Mr. Radatz must escape from several restraints, he believes it may take longer than Houdini’s demonstrations.

He cannot take too long, however.

We were impressed that Mr. Radatz can stay submerged for two minutes, ten seconds – his best time.  Accordingly, the countdown clock will be set at two minutes, ten seconds once the crate is submerged.

Check out the full article to learn how Mr. Radatz prepared for this stunt and his rehearsal regimen.  It is very impressive.

Now through August, Mr. Radatz appears in a Wild Adventures theatre several times a week.

He will perform the escape twice – immediately prior to the dusk fireworks displays on July 4th and 5th

For more information about the theme part, visit wildadventures.com.

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