Oops! Not Dr. Alexander but Tim and Sue-Anne

March 28th 2005 Inside Magic Article: Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster Smash World Record for Longest Magic ShowWe were going to blame it on a typo but knew we would be caught out.  How can someone mean to type “Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster” but instead type “Dr. Alexander”?

In yesterday’s award-winning article about India television and Dr. Alexander, we did not do our fact checking.

We wrote, with our typical aplomb:

We hear that Dr. Alexander – Guiness World Record Holder for the the Longest Magic Show – will perform on the series.

Yes, Dr. Alexander will appear on the series but he is not the Guiness World Record Holder for the Longest Magic Show.

That honor rightfully belongs to Inside Magic Favorites Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster.

Even as we typed the Dr. Alexander story, we seemed to remember reading some where about an attempt at the Guiness World Record for Longest Show being performed by Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster.

Maybe it was on one of those message boards or a mailing list, we thought.

We could not remember where we read that Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster held the Guiness World Record and, in fact, had beaten Dr. Alexander’s own record.

So we did a Google search and learned that some irresponsible, fly-by-night magic news web site reported the record-breaking accomplishment way back in 2005.

Yes, Inside Magic actually carried the story in all of its truthful glory.

We were and are busted.  We apologize to Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster for the complete mess-up and failure to even check our own archives.

Yes, we could blame it on our environment, our genetics, or a really tough 1978 – 1983, but the fault lies not in the stars but in us.

The story about our performance of the Girl to Bike and our former bride/assistant Claudine getting her high heels stuck in the pedal clips is authentical — mostly.  That part was made up but at least it was consistent with our prior stories about our past.

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