Jinger’s Homecoming: Magic Duo Appear at Mohegan Sun This Weekend

Inside Magic Image of Kalin & Jinger Prepare for Alan Wakling's Selbeit SawingJinger of Inside Magic Favorite Kalin & Jinger is celebrated in her hometown newspaper today in advance of the duo's shows this weekend at the beautiful Mohegan Sun Casino. 

The couple will perform two shows at the 10,000 seat Sun Arena as stars of the Master of Illusion Live tour. 

Jinger is a favorite daughter of Bridgeport, Connecticut and her parents still reside in the Nutmeg State.  

The lithe and talented performer told the local media, “It's great to perform in front of people you know. It makes it special.”

"Special" is the perfect adjective for Kalin & Jinger's act and career.  We had the distinct honor of sitting next to Jinger as a committee person for their Spirit Cabinet performance.  As you loyal and disloyal readers of Inside Magic are aware, we will never expose the secrets of any magic effect unless it somehow makes us look good, smart or could serve up more internet hits to boost our ad revenue. 

We can say that while being immediately next to Jinger was thrilling and magical in its own right, we were unable to learn their secret.  We assisted in tying charming and beautiful better half of the Kalin & Jinger show and then sat as close as possible to her whilst the curtains closed around us. 

Perhaps we were still unnaturally giddy being so close to someone of such renown and talent, intoxicated by her incredible beauty or startled by the rapid-fire succession of events, but we remain clueless as to how she was able to manifest the loud, chaotic spirit that literally filled the ad hoc cabinet, put a bucket on our disproportionately large skull and pulled up our pant legs all within no more than five to ten seconds.   

You can read our full review of that fateful night here. Inside Magic Review: Mark Kalin & Jinger (November 25, 2006).

Jinger began as a dancer at the age of four and by 15, she was in demand around the United States.  She worked with Disney, Fuji Television and Southern California dinner theaters and bestowed with the a scholarship to the “Young Americans' College of Performing Arts.”

Mark and Jinger became a couple when she filled in as his assistant while performing in Guam. 

If you have not seen the couple perform — and that seems unlikely given their exposure through nationalize televised shows like NBC's “Word's Greatest Magicians”, “Hidden Secrets of Magic,” Fox Family's “Magic on the Edge,” Fox TV's “World Magic Awards” and  “Entertainment Tonight”, CBS and ABC — you need to make the trip to the Sun Arena this weekend or one of their upcoming performances.

They perform true magic. 

Jinger told the Milford Mirror she is able to use her dancing and singing skills while performing illusions. As an example, she does a self-levitating performance that thrills the audience.

"Of course, doing illusions brings an element of danger. She has some nicks from being apparently sawed in half to attest to that. 'We use a lot of fire, flash, and tigers,' Jinger said. 'It has appeal to large audiences.'"

As she noted, “Illusion is meant to be seen live and in person where there is a great sense of wonder and magic. That way the audience can see the illusions right before them with no camera tricks. Performing as illusionists has allowed me to use all my talents, which I love.”

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