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Oops! Not Dr. Alexander but Tim and Sue-Anne

We were going to blame it on a typo but knew we would be caught out.  How can someone mean to type “Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster” but instead type “Dr. Alexander”?

In yesterday’s award-winning article about India television and Dr. Alexander, we did not do our fact checking.

We wrote, with our typical aplomb:

We hear that Dr. Alexander – Guiness World Record Holder for the the Longest Magic Show – will perform on the series.

Yes, Dr. Alexander will appear on the series but he is not the Guiness World Record Holder for the Longest Magic Show.

That honor rightfully belongs to Inside Magic Favorites Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster.

Even as we typed the Dr. Alexander story, we seemed to remember reading some where about an attempt at the Guiness World Record for Longest Show being performed by Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster.

Maybe it was on one of those message boards or a mailing list, we thought.

We could not remember where we read that Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster held the Guiness World Record and, in fact, had beaten Dr. Alexander’s own record.

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Correction: Longest Magic Show Honor Belongs in Melbourne

Andre Kole’s article urging the IBM to sanction individuals stealing his illusions included a reference to the World Record for the longest magic show. Unfortunately, Mr. Kole credited Dr. Alex with the record.

(Although, if Dr. Alex claims the record for a single person performing, he may be right).

The Guinness people have not yet updated their information but the new official holders of this endurance feat are participants in the appropriately named World’s Longest Magic Show (“WLMS”) including Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster.

In fact, as we typed this late-breaking news, Mr. Ellis said he just received the certification from the Guinness people.  It is now official.

Certainly Mr. Ellis and Ms. Webster can be considered ardent supporters of Mr. Kole’s cause to prevent theft of intellectual property. It is fitting they were instrumental in breaking Dr. Alex’ record.
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