India’s New TV Series Mayalogam is Magic

If Inside Magic was not so firmly ensconced in Mystic Hollow, Michigan, we would pull up the Double Wide O’ Magic and move it to India or Las Vegas — the two hot spots for magic these days.

Vijay TV plans almost non-stop coverage of magic in India for the next little while.   The series Mayalogam will mix celebrities and magicians in a non-stop showcase for India’s top performers.

The premise behind Mayalogam is very cool.

We learned more about the series and the word Mayalogam while surfing The Indya Star website.

Mayalogam is ruled by a pompous but skinny Raja Nakimukki. He is accompanied by his bulbous Rani Minnal Idaiyal who is engrossed with her own beauty with an unquenchable desire to be entertained. They are always accompanied by their dwarf ministers who try their best to entertain the Queen, but fail to do the same.

Apasara Mayakani, the story teller comes to their rescue every week by kidnapping some of the best magicians from the real world to showcase their acts to liven Mayalogam.

This is a perfect plot for a Magic show.  In fact, Criss Angel would have done far better by copying this story line than the attack of bad bunnies featured in the current Las Vegas show Believe.

We hear that  Dr. Alexander — Guiness World Record Holder for the the Longest Magic Show — will perform on the series.

Dr. Alexander told Chennai Online, “I have been in this field of magic for the past fifteen years. Vijay TV wanted me to participate in Mayalogam and I m also equally interested in doing the show. I like to make people wonder with my magic acts, I m expecting the show to do big on TV.”

Dr. Alexander seems to be of good constitution and apparently possesses a deep repertoire.  According to the Limca Book of Records he performed twelve hours of Mental Magic.

We hold the record for performing the shortest Mentalism act that seemed like 12 hours.

There is no word whether the series will be shown in the U.S.

We would like very much to see one of Dr. Alexander’s effects — even if we couldn’t see the whole series.  According to Dr. Alexander, one of his more interesting illusions is “the one where a girl turns into a bike and vice-versa.”

Sure, in Mystic Hollow, Michigan, many of us perform the old U.F. Grant’s version of Girl to Bike but we have never performed it the other way around.  See our reflection on that great old trick here.

Dr. Alexander told  Chennai Online “Mayalogam is to lay platform for all the successful magicians, and replicate big stage magic shows done in the western countries. So then get ready for a nail biting experience for the magic acts that you never have seen on television.”

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