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Carney Magic Announces Summer Matinees

Inside Magic Favorite John Carney is no ordinary magician and, therefore, his show is no ordinary magic show.
Carney Magic is a melange of mind-blowing sleight of hand, good taste, quick wit and his award-winning presentation skills for pure entertainment.
We have it on very good authority Mr. Carney will perform Sunday matinees this summer and into the fall at the beautiful Two Roads Theater in Studio City, California.
Mr. Carney’s family-friendly show begins at 3 pm, July 14th and will run through September 8, 2013.
Mr. Carney has appeared on David Letterman’s Late Show, he is the most awarded performer at the Magic Castle, has authored books, columns and provided sold-out seminars attended by the best in our art.
In fact, those in the know say two of his books Carneycopia and The Book of Secrets, are essential reading for all magicians.
Another Inside Magic Favorite, the late Tommy Wonder said of Mr. Carney, “John is truly a man who understands magic.”
If you are in the Studio City area or plan to be there before September 8th, be sure to attend a real magic show by a real magician who really gets it.
You can read more about Mr. Carney at his cleverly named website, CarneyMagic.com
 Tickets are $15 for all ages and can be ordered from BrownPaperTickets.com
The Two Roads Theater is located at 4348 Tujunga Avenue in the always sparkling Studio City, California.
As a point of reference, the theater is practically across the street from the now infamous but still excellent Vitello’s Italian Restaurant.

Great Jim Steinmeyer Lecture at Magic Castle

We were perusing the Magic Castle web site seconds ago and came across what would be a fantastic lecture to witness first hand.

Fellow Chicagoan Jim Steinmeyer will take the spotlight at the Parlour of Prestidigitation on  Sunday, Jan 13th 2013 at 3:00 pm.  His lecture is titled, “Allow Me To Give You Some Really Awful Advice,” focusing on what magicians do wrong.

According to the Magic Castle’s advertisement, Mr. Steinmeyer “will demonstrate a number of original and useful effects, from close-up, to mentalism, and stand-up magic, and discuss the development and the selection of new material for your performances.”

This sounds like a lecture not to be missed.  Mr. Steinmeyer has not only invented just about every magic trick in the history of magic, he also has written about every magician and magic event ever.  We know that sounds like hyperbole but it could be true.  We haven’t done our fact-checking and we’re just kind of going with our gut on this one.

You can judge for yourself by going to his website and reading the list of effects he has brought forth from his imagination to the world.

Check out Mr. Steinmeyer’s website for some great information, history and insight.

via The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle.

Magic Castle Establishes Wayne Houchin Fund After Attack

The Academy of Magical Arts (AMA), its Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, in conjunction with the Dai Vernon Foundation, Inc., has established a special fund to assist professional magician Wayne Houchin, who was severely injured during a Nov. 26 performance in the Caribbean.

Houchin, star of Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic and a performing member of the AMA, suffered serious burns on his head, face, neck and hands during a national television appearance on the Dominican Republic show Approach the Stars, during which the host threw flaming Aqua de Florida cologne in his face. Only the quick actions of Houchin’s Curiosidades team saved his life.

Rushed to the emergency room, Houchin – who has extended his stay in that country for treatment is now recovering – commented on his Facebook page, “This was not a stunt or part of an act. This was a criminal attack.”

Aqua de Florida is utilized by shamans in that region of the world – where much of the population continues to believe in voodoo and witchcraft and violent attacks by vigilantes are not unheard of – for healing and cleansing rituals. Speculation is that the host may have been motivated by superstition, as evidenced by a statement on the show’s Facebook page calling the attack a “blessing.”

TO CONTRIBUTE: Send a check (with “Houchin” written on the memo line) to: Dai Vernon Fund, c/o The Magic Castle, 7001 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028.

Visit the Magic Castle  at: MagicCastle.com

The Mystery of the Magic Castle Trademark

What do magician Richard Bloch, a highly (pun intended) rated medicinal marijuana dispensary and the world famous home to the Academy of Magical Arts have in common? They each use the phrase “Magic Castle” in their names.

Mr. Bloch recently sought federal registration for the trademark “Magic Castle at Sea” to identify his particular brand of magic shows designed for cruise ships.

Magic Castle Solutions describes itself as a “North Hollywood Marijuana Dispensary” where customers can order a variety of different strains of the drug pursuant to their physician’s prescription.

“The Magic Castle” private club is also in Hollywood, California but likely does not sell any strain of marijuana with or without prior approval of one’s physician. Rather, the club is a place to enjoy the performance and teaching of the art of magic.

We support our magic habit by our day job as an intellectual property attorney and so the confluence of these three trademarks was the kind of thing about which we become giddy. We feel spiritually uplifted now that we have admitted we become giddy by such things and feel our relationship with you, the reader, has become more meaningful by our sharing.

Or maybe it’s the airplane glue we have been using to perform “Smoke from Fingertips” all night long.

But trademark law is fun with or without fumes of glue.

The purpose of a trademark is to identify the source of goods or services. That’s it.

Anyone can make bread, but a consumer looking for the taste and quality of Wonder Bread will look for loaves bearing that trademark first used in 1921. Consumers are confident Wonder Bread brand of will be the same when purchased in Los Angeles, California; Mystic Hollow, Michigan or DeFuniak Springs, Florida. Consumer confidence in the trademark is supported by civil and criminal laws to protect against counterfeiters; like rogue bakers selling bread with the Wonder Bread trademark.

Consumers interested in magic as a performing art have similarly associated the trademark MAGIC CASTLE with certain qualities. The castle offers visitors a chance to see magic performed from at least three different disciplines (close-up, parlor and stage) after enjoying a fine dinner and taking in the grand collection of magic memorabilia.

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19 Year-Old iCarly Star Sneaks into Magic Castle

The highest paid child actor / actress in the whole world, Miranda Cosgrove snuck into the very private Magic Castle in Hollywood this weekend.

Reports say she pulled up in a Porsche SUV and entered despite the well-posted prohibition against anyone under the age of 21.  Not to mention it is a members only club.  

Ms. Cosgrove is a mere 19-years-old and, as far as we know, is not a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, the owners of the Magic Castle.

But she is a star and she did have a Porsche — albeit an ugly station wagon version of a Porsche — and Nickelodeon does pay her close to $200,000.00 per episode of iCarly.

But that cannot be the standard for entry and bending the rules, right?  We're guessing tons of people in Hollywood are stars of something and bunches of those make outrageous amounts of cash for what they star at and some of those probably drive cars more impressive than the lamest of the Porsche family of fine vehicles.  

Apparently the front desk hostess told Ms. Cosgrove's escort or babysitter that no one under the age of 21 may pass into the Magic Castle.  Nonetheless, Ms. Cosgrove was permitted entrance shortly before midnight. 

We could find only two certain connections between Ms. Cosgrove and Magic.  She appeared in the November 12, 2006 episode of Nickelodeon's Drake and Josh in which the two boys attempt to resurrect the career of a has-been magician ("The Great Doheny" Season 4, Episode 6).  And, weirdly, she was born on the same day Inside Magic Favorite Harry Blackstone, Jr. passed away, May 14th.  Ms. Cosgrove was born in 1993 and Mr. Blackstone left us entirely too early in 1997.

The story was first reported on RadarOnline and later picked up by Examiner.com.  

Neil Patrick Harris to Bring New Magic to LA Stage

Neil Patrick Harris apparently has a side job to supplement his Magic Castle work as President of the Academy of Magical Arts and a  top-rate magician. 

According to our sources, he is does some acting in local Los Angeles venues and some of the television stations that have network studios in the area. 

In fact, his acting is apparently so good that he won an "Emmy" Award — that's like television's version of the Magic Castle's Magician of the Year prize.  So, that's pretty impressive.  Perhaps Mr. Harris is recalling the words of Jean Robert-Houdin who opined "a magician is merely an actor playing the part of a magician." 

Nonetheless, it is always nice to have a hobby and we are happy Mr. Harris found a way to spend his time when not running the Magic Castle or performing for adoring fans. 

Our uncle Paw-Paw Lawton often quipped things in full sentences about magic when he was sober. (Actually, he was our "uncle-in-law" and even then the "in-law" part was tenuous.  His marriage to our great aunt Mary Hardy was annulled because of a previous and still valid marriage to the spirit of an androgynous silver miner who pre-deceased her own birth — but, that's another story).  He often said "A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician."  His quips were rarely original or even necessary but we imagine the great French conjuror must have found angelic delight in our relative's confirmation of his philosophy. 

But our point was this: Mr. Harris will be directing a magic show called “Nothing to Hide” starring sleight-of-hand artists Derek DelGaudio and Helder Guimaraes in the beautiful Geffen Playhouse.

The Geffen Playhouse (named for Los Angeles favorite son David Playhouse) issued a press release warning attendees that “Nothing to Hide” will be different than a traditional magic show. 

We read this a couple of ways.  If they mean one of our typical magic shows we are relieved.  We would have to imagine it will be much different than one of our shows.  In fact, as we have testified under oath, we would never pay to see us perform and even if we did, we would demand our money back because we would either be working through the entire show or sitting in the seat waiting for the show to start.  Either way, it would not be our idea of fun.  Our idea of fun involves the delicious but rarely seen melange of slapstick and pre-revolutionary Russian literature interpreted by blindfolded marionette performers at Sea World.  Unexpected splashing makes us giggle without regret.

On the other paw, Mr. Harris' new show sounds like our idea of fun sans bumping puppets, spit-takes and pratfalls.  (We acknowledge the passing of the lead singer for the 1980's counter-culture acoustic disco house band, Bumping Puppets, Mary Knuckles).  

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Cruise to Magic Castle: Special Admission for Non-Members

It is well documented that we love magic.  In fact, we challenge anyone to question our nearly fanatical obsession with all things magic.  As we said under oath during a U.S. Senate hearing recently:

“Senator, simply put, we love magic.”

Of course the question posed was not directly related to magic — it was about something related to alleged embezzlement of crop insurance premiums and we needed to stall — but still it was under oath and without ambiguity.

We also love cruising (not “cursing”) as our spell-check incorrectly substituted in the earlier editions of this post.  Given a choice, we would live aboard a ship sailing the smooth seas from port to port whilst we puffed on a fine cigar, sipped an appropriately aged and chilled Diet Coke and practiced our one-hand shuffles.  We have often offered to be a boy-toy to any rich matron with the resources to keep us in cigars, cards and Diet Coke but we are beginning to think we have signed up for the wrong social networking site.  We have received many offers but not one from rich widows.  The closest offer was from a sea captain working a trawler in the North Sea who thought the expression “boy-toy” meant “boy robot” like Astro Boy.  Once the translation was cleared up, he had no interest.

But we digress.

This morning, we read that the very ritzy “Crystal Cruises has pulled the ultimate rabbit out of a hat with a new, industry-1st program named ‘Magic Castle at Sea.'”

It was nothing less than amazing that the name of the program was virtually identical to the advertisement we had on PensionersPals.com.  Ours was “Tricks on a Boat.”  Pretty close.

The cruise line engaged fellow lawyer and magician Rich Bloch to perform aboard the Crystal Symphony.  Similar shows will be available on the stunning Crystal Serenity.  But wait, it gets better.

Once the passengers return to dry land, they will be given a special ticket for entry into the exclusive Magic Castle.

“Considering club guests might only get entrance if they’re in LA and invited by a member, Crystal’s Magic Castle at Sea secures rare admission to a truly spellbinding entertainment experience,” told in a statement Crystal’s Vice President of Entertainment, Bret Bullock. “We’re excited to suggest our guests yet another amazing opportunity in high-caliber vacation fun.”

This is a combination we cannot resist.  Great magic, outstanding cruise and a ticket into the the Magic Castle.  We look forward to seeing you on board. Read more about the deal here.

Magician Burt Sperber Passes

Magician Burton S. Sperber passed away last Friday at the age of 82 of complications from surgery at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

We read the sad news in the Los Angeles Times today.

He was not only an accomplished performer and lover of all things Magic, he was also the founder and chairman of the nation’s largest landscape services company, ValleyCrest Landscape Cos.

The Magic Castle and Inner Magic Circle member turned $700.00 into a company that today boasts more than 150 locations around the world, with 9,000 employees and nearly $835 million in annual revenue.  The transformation was performed not by magic but his tireless work and keen business sense.          He purchased the nursery business from the widow of the owner.  He was just 19 years-old.

ValleyCrest Landscape worked some of the most prestigious projects in the landscape milieu including the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida, Newport Beach’s Fashion Island and Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  He preferred the title “Head Gardner” to CEO or “Boss.”

“Work is something you don’t want to do,” Mr. Sperber  told the Los Angeles Times this year.  “I love doing what I do, and there’s nothing else in this life that I’d rather do.”

Landscaping was not his sole passion.  His love for performing, watching, learning, teaching, inventing, sharing and chronicling Magic was evident always.

Mr. Sperber owned one of the largest magic book collections – with texts from the early 16th century.  His passion for our craft covered the spectrum from collector and preserver of classic magic books to inventing his own effects.  Nick Lewin posted a great story about meeting Mr. Sperber aboard a cruise ship and learning card effects from this remarkable man.  You can read Mr. Lewin’s post here.

“Believe it or not, I am actually better known in the world of magic than I am in the landscape world,” he said in a 2008 interview with C-Suite Quarterly business magazine.  We can vouch for the truth of this statement.
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Go-Go Gal Getter: The Magic Castle

The overpaid  Inside Magic editors and unpaid interns peruse all media constantly for interesting leads.  We wish we could say that was how we stumbled upon the Samantha Padilla  interview from the July, 2011 edition of Low Rider Magazine.
Actually, we read Low Rider to get the latest news on the pneumatic lift technology used in the creation of God’s gift to body shop artisans, Hoppers.
The big Phoenix Hopper Contest sponsored by Low Rider magazine just left us lusting for more of the great PSSSWhtchhsss Clunk sounding goodness that is a high-quality lowrider hopper.  We did not enter this year because the elders in our familial unit loathe a good hoppin’ ride.
But the magic aspect to this story comes from the insightful interview of the young and physically attractive, Samantha Padilla.
(We would say she is attractive but we haven’t seen her inside.  Outer beauty if fleeting and subjective. We’re big on the inner beauty.  We’re not shallow like those who put a premium on how someone looks on the outside.  In fact, we seek women with large mouths and few teeth so we can get an unobstructed look down their esophagus whilst we pretend to be fixing a light or painting the ceiling — we need to explain why we’re on a ladder and need them to stand just under our perch).
Ms. Padilla calls herself a “Self-Made Hundredaire” and describes her profession as “Go-Go Dancer.”  We haven’t heard the expression “Go-Go Dancer” in years.  She is clearly an old soul or renaissance woman interested in the rich history of dancing for drunk guys.  (See, Introductory chapter of our best seller The History of 3D: Dancing for Drunks in Dives, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2010).
The interviewer asks how he could interest the Low Rider beauty:

LRG: How does he keep your attention?
Samantha: If I knew there would probably be a guy out there that would still be holding my attention.

LRG: So you have a hard time finding a guy to hold your attention?
Samantha: Ummm. Nam. Nam. Nam. I don’t know. I don’t know the correct answer to that one. Maybe B? What’s the question?

We thought the Hundredaire comment was classic but this passage convinced us Ms. Padilla has an Inside Magic kind of humor.

So, where would one take Ms. Padilla if one wanted to have a successful first date?

LRG: Where should he take you?
Samantha: I got asked out yesterday and he took me to the Magic Castle. That was fun. If a guy can’t make me laugh we have a problem.

We knew there had to be someone out there who would understand.  She’s just 40 years too late.

How to not impress the young hopping car enthusiast?

LRG: What’s the best way for a guy to get your number?
Samantha: Show genuine interest in me and don’t holler at me like a dog.

That could explain our dating years / involuntary celibacy era.
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Is Neil Patrick Harris Really One of Us?

“Neil Patrick Harris, magician? And, president of the Academy of Magical Arts?” So begins the great profile piece on the actor in today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer .

That is the kind of question that piques our interest.

We follow magic closely and had noticed the former child star and now prominent force on stage, screen and television was appearing more frequently in magic related stories. The pattern we discerned over the last few years: when there was a magic related event in or around Los Angeles or Hollywood, Neil Patrick Harris was there.

It was starting to get eerie.

Our uncle was photographed at many suspicious building fires in and around the greater Mystic Hollow, Michigan area but that was because of his affection for “the glorious lover that is flame.” We were sure Neil Patrick Harris was not afflicted by the same sense of misguided and painful love as Roland “Flame” Hardy.

Perhaps he was working on a project that called for a magician’s touch. We dismissed this theory. Edward Norton (“The Illusionist”), Michael Cain (“The Prestige”), Anthony Hopkins (“Magic”) all starred in magic-oriented films but we never saw any of them attending functions usually reserved for the insiders.

His was one of the three individuals photographed for a 2009 article on The Magic Castle’s It’s Magic performance. (The other two were Lance Burton and Hannah Montana co-star Romi Dames). We don’t think the lovely Romi Dames is a magician so perhaps Neil Patrick Harris was appearing in his capacity as a star.

Neil Patrick Harris was also named in an article on the rededication of Houdini’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But again, he was not the focus of the story.

The mention comes about half-way through the Entertainment Today piece. “The bad boys of magic Penn and Teller were on hand for the ceremony, along with Neil Patrick Harris, Tippi Hedren, JoAnne Worley and Irene Larsen.”

Take a look at the article in the December 6, 2008 edition of Entertainment Today article here.
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