19 Year-Old iCarly Star Sneaks into Magic Castle

Inside Magic Image of Miranda Cosgrove

The highest paid child actor / actress in the whole world, Miranda Cosgrove snuck into the very private Magic Castle in Hollywood this weekend.

Reports say she pulled up in a Porsche SUV and entered despite the well-posted prohibition against anyone under the age of 21.  Not to mention it is a members only club.  

Ms. Cosgrove is a mere 19-years-old and, as far as we know, is not a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, the owners of the Magic Castle.

But she is a star and she did have a Porsche — albeit an ugly station wagon version of a Porsche — and Nickelodeon does pay her close to $200,000.00 per episode of iCarly.

But that cannot be the standard for entry and bending the rules, right?  We're guessing tons of people in Hollywood are stars of something and bunches of those make outrageous amounts of cash for what they star at and some of those probably drive cars more impressive than the lamest of the Porsche family of fine vehicles.  

Apparently the front desk hostess told Ms. Cosgrove's escort or babysitter that no one under the age of 21 may pass into the Magic Castle.  Nonetheless, Ms. Cosgrove was permitted entrance shortly before midnight. 

We could find only two certain connections between Ms. Cosgrove and Magic.  She appeared in the November 12, 2006 episode of Nickelodeon's Drake and Josh in which the two boys attempt to resurrect the career of a has-been magician ("The Great Doheny" Season 4, Episode 6).  And, weirdly, she was born on the same day Inside Magic Favorite Harry Blackstone, Jr. passed away, May 14th.  Ms. Cosgrove was born in 1993 and Mr. Blackstone left us entirely too early in 1997.

The story was first reported on RadarOnline and later picked up by Examiner.com.  

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