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Go-Go Gal Getter: The Magic Castle

Inside Magic Image of Magic Fan Samantha PadillaThe overpaid  Inside Magic editors and unpaid interns peruse all media constantly for interesting leads.  We wish we could say that was how we stumbled upon the Samantha Padilla  interview from the July, 2011 edition of Low Rider Magazine.
Actually, we read Low Rider to get the latest news on the pneumatic lift technology used in the creation of God’s gift to body shop artisans, Hoppers.
The big Phoenix Hopper Contest sponsored by Low Rider magazine just left us lusting for more of the great PSSSWhtchhsss Clunk sounding goodness that is a high-quality lowrider hopper.  We did not enter this year because the elders in our familial unit loathe a good hoppin’ ride.
But the magic aspect to this story comes from the insightful interview of the young and physically attractive, Samantha Padilla.
(We would say she is attractive but we haven’t seen her inside.  Outer beauty if fleeting and subjective. We’re big on the inner beauty.  We’re not shallow like those who put a premium on how someone looks on the outside.  In fact, we seek women with large mouths and few teeth so we can get an unobstructed look down their esophagus whilst we pretend to be fixing a light or painting the ceiling — we need to explain why we’re on a ladder and need them to stand just under our perch).
Ms. Padilla calls herself a “Self-Made Hundredaire” and describes her profession as “Go-Go Dancer.”  We haven’t heard the expression “Go-Go Dancer” in years.  She is clearly an old soul or renaissance woman interested in the rich history of dancing for drunk guys.  (See, Introductory chapter of our best seller The History of 3D: Dancing for Drunks in Dives, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2010).
The interviewer asks how he could interest the Low Rider beauty:

LRG: How does he keep your attention?
Samantha: If I knew there would probably be a guy out there that would still be holding my attention.

LRG: So you have a hard time finding a guy to hold your attention?
Samantha: Ummm. Nam. Nam. Nam. I don’t know. I don’t know the correct answer to that one. Maybe B? What’s the question?

We thought the Hundredaire comment was classic but this passage convinced us Ms. Padilla has an Inside Magic kind of humor.

So, where would one take Ms. Padilla if one wanted to have a successful first date?

LRG: Where should he take you?
Samantha: I got asked out yesterday and he took me to the Magic Castle. That was fun. If a guy can’t make me laugh we have a problem.

We knew there had to be someone out there who would understand.  She’s just 40 years too late.

How to not impress the young hopping car enthusiast?

LRG: What’s the best way for a guy to get your number?
Samantha: Show genuine interest in me and don’t holler at me like a dog.

That could explain our dating years / involuntary celibacy era.
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Is Neil Patrick Harris Really One of Us?

Inside Magic Image of Neil Patrick Harris“Neil Patrick Harris, magician? And, president of the Academy of Magical Arts?” So begins the great profile piece on the actor in today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer .

That is the kind of question that piques our interest.

We follow magic closely and had noticed the former child star and now prominent force on stage, screen and television was appearing more frequently in magic related stories. The pattern we discerned over the last few years: when there was a magic related event in or around Los Angeles or Hollywood, Neil Patrick Harris was there.

It was starting to get eerie.

Our uncle was photographed at many suspicious building fires in and around the greater Mystic Hollow, Michigan area but that was because of his affection for “the glorious lover that is flame.” We were sure Neil Patrick Harris was not afflicted by the same sense of misguided and painful love as Roland “Flame” Hardy.

Perhaps he was working on a project that called for a magician’s touch. We dismissed this theory. Edward Norton (“The Illusionist”), Michael Cain (“The Prestige”), Anthony Hopkins (“Magic”) all starred in magic-oriented films but we never saw any of them attending functions usually reserved for the insiders.

His was one of the three individuals photographed for a 2009 article on The Magic Castle’s It’s Magic performance. (The other two were Lance Burton and Hannah Montana co-star Romi Dames). We don’t think the lovely Romi Dames is a magician so perhaps Neil Patrick Harris was appearing in his capacity as a star.

Neil Patrick Harris was also named in an article on the rededication of Houdini’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But again, he was not the focus of the story.

The mention comes about half-way through the Entertainment Today piece. “The bad boys of magic Penn and Teller were on hand for the ceremony, along with Neil Patrick Harris, Tippi Hedren, JoAnne Worley and Irene Larsen.”

Take a look at the article in the December 6, 2008 edition of Entertainment Today article here.
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