Cruise to Magic Castle: Special Admission for Non-Members

Inside Magic Image of Magician Rich BlochIt is well documented that we love magic.  In fact, we challenge anyone to question our nearly fanatical obsession with all things magic.  As we said under oath during a U.S. Senate hearing recently:

“Senator, simply put, we love magic.”

Of course the question posed was not directly related to magic — it was about something related to alleged embezzlement of crop insurance premiums and we needed to stall — but still it was under oath and without ambiguity.

We also love cruising (not “cursing”) as our spell-check incorrectly substituted in the earlier editions of this post.  Given a choice, we would live aboard a ship sailing the smooth seas from port to port whilst we puffed on a fine cigar, sipped an appropriately aged and chilled Diet Coke and practiced our one-hand shuffles.  We have often offered to be a boy-toy to any rich matron with the resources to keep us in cigars, cards and Diet Coke but we are beginning to think we have signed up for the wrong social networking site.  We have received many offers but not one from rich widows.  The closest offer was from a sea captain working a trawler in the North Sea who thought the expression “boy-toy” meant “boy robot” like Astro Boy.  Once the translation was cleared up, he had no interest.

But we digress.

This morning, we read that the very ritzy “Crystal Cruises has pulled the ultimate rabbit out of a hat with a new, industry-1st program named ‘Magic Castle at Sea.'”

It was nothing less than amazing that the name of the program was virtually identical to the advertisement we had on  Ours was “Tricks on a Boat.”  Pretty close.

The cruise line engaged fellow lawyer and magician Rich Bloch to perform aboard the Crystal Symphony.  Similar shows will be available on the stunning Crystal Serenity.  But wait, it gets better.

Once the passengers return to dry land, they will be given a special ticket for entry into the exclusive Magic Castle.

“Considering club guests might only get entrance if they’re in LA and invited by a member, Crystal’s Magic Castle at Sea secures rare admission to a truly spellbinding entertainment experience,” told in a statement Crystal’s Vice President of Entertainment, Bret Bullock. “We’re excited to suggest our guests yet another amazing opportunity in high-caliber vacation fun.”

This is a combination we cannot resist.  Great magic, outstanding cruise and a ticket into the the Magic Castle.  We look forward to seeing you on board. Read more about the deal here.

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