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David Copperfield Extends Contract, Gets Theater Name

Robin Leach reports via his always fun  to read Strip Scribbles that Inside Magic Favorite David Copperfield and the MGM Grand have agreed to a three-year contract extension.  According to MGM’s president, Scott Sibella The Hollywood Theater might be renamed The David Copperfield Theater this fall.

The theater will be dark for a about a month this September to convert the space into a new configuration.  Mr. Leach also reports Mr. Copperfield will have a new show with new illusions for the show’s re-opening just before Christmas.

Check out the entire Strip Scribbles: Did you know that Elvis Presley had a son? – Las Vegas Sun News.


Letters to the Editor: Church of Inside Magic®

It is the policy of Inside Magic to publish letters to the editor when necessary to fill gaps in our front page or when required by court order. Letters to the editor should be addressed to, ironically, editor@insidemagic.com. Inside Magic reserves the right to modify, shorten, lengthen or completely change the sent correspondence and, if necessary, include funny pictures to take away from the seriousness of same.

My Lordship:

Greetings in the name of our Lord, I am (Mrs) *** ******, a widow to Late ****, I am 34 years old, I am now a new religious convert … My late husband was killed with his business associate and during the period of our marriage we couldn’t produce any child.

My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all his business and wealth. I now decided to divide part of this wealth, to contribute to the development of the church in Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

I selected your church after visiting the website and I prayed over it, I am willing to donate the sum of US$5,000 000.00 (Five Million US Dollars) to your Church for the development of your church and also for the less privileged.

Please, do not reply me if you have the intention of using this fund for personal use. Please If I reach you as I am hopeful I will, endeavor to get back to me as soon as possible to enable my LAWYER conclude the legal duty.

Also to be sent to me is the biodata page of your international passport or drivers licence as a proper identification.

You can reach me on my alternative email box easily: mrs.***@yahoo.com

I await your soonest reply as you could.

Inside Magic’s Reply:

Dear Mrs. *****:

Although we did not know your husband all that well – in fact, we barely remember him from our days in your home community but that is no doubt the regrettable effect of our weeks of hard work and tireless efforts to do noble things in that strange land he called home – we are happy to accept your offer of $5,000,000.00 for our yet to be formed Church. (We will start the forming as soon as your funds arrive, don’t you worry your little head about that).

We certainly agree that the funds should not be used for our personal vanities but dedicated exclusively to The Church of Inside Magic® and its dedicated staff of very pious clergy; with a special emphasis on improving the lives of those who would travel so far to worship at our yet to be built gold and ivory altar.

As you know, The Church of Inside Magic® emphasizes the inner-being and eschews those in this sad epoch who worship the outer, false entities. Consequently, you are no doubt aware we do not permit our clergy or the lay ministry to carry any form of identification including a drivers’ license (or licensce) and certainly would never allow our images to be captured for the purpose of recordation through the alleged “passport” system foisted upon the clueless masses as a means of emphasizing the outer, shell of humanness to the detriment of the inner soul of personness.

We suspect your request that we send our drivers’ license (or licence) and international passport was merely a test to see if we were indeed true to our faith. We were and remain so. Continue reading “Letters to the Editor: Church of Inside Magic®”

Sad News: Peter Reveen Passes

Pete Reveen aka “The Impossibilist” passed away Monday morning at his Las Vegas home.

He was far more than just an outstanding magician, international star, Vegas icon and manager of Master Magician Lance Burton.

We will remember him as a considerate gentleman who loved magic and was willing to give a boost and kind word to a work-a-day magic news source located in a fictional midwestern town.

We have been ignored by lesser magicians and their public relations folk and so when someone of Mr. Reveen’s status takes the time to pass along a kind word and unsolicited encouragement, we become fans for life.

He was a true gentleman who cared deeply about his craft and our art.

Lance Burton knew Mr. Reveen well and benefited from his counsel and friendship over the years. Mr. Reveen negotiated the Master Magician’s record-breaking contract with the Monte Carlo Hotel in Vegas.

Mr. Burton issued a short statement to the press Monday afternoon.

Peter Reveen was a giant in the world of magic. His illusion shows were lavish and innovative. As a stage hypnotist, he had no peer; he was simply the best in the business. As my manager for 20 years, he was my most trusted adviser. Reveen was my very close friend for 30 years. I am sad today. I will miss him.

Mr. Reveen leaves behind his four sons and his wife, Coral.

We join the prayers of his family and friends and mourn his passing.

Iron Meets Copperfield: Magic & Food

Iron meets Copper.  Participants in the Food Network’s Iron Chef will need to get past David Copperfield for a shot at being the next Iron Chef.

The new season premiers on Sunday at 9pm from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our psychic skills (and the network’s press release) tells us the four remaining competitors will encounter Magician David Copperfield and face his “secret ingredient” challenge.

From the press release: “Copperfield magically produces an ingredient that the chefs must use as they tackle one of the Chairmans (sic) classic challenges from the past – the reinvention of the Las Vegas buffet. Copperfield conjures up the ‘secret’ ingredient that becomes the theme for a buffet that must transcend all expectations of the traditional Las Vegas chow fest.”

We are not able to discern the identity of the ‘secret ingredient’ via our advanced sixth sense or reading of the poorly proofread press release.

Maybe the secret ingredient is salt.  We love salt and it serves as our secret ingredient in all meals.  There are those who believe salt can lead to high blood pressure and kidney problems.  We counter that an absence of salt is directly related to disgustingly bland food.  If you are going to eat flavorless food, why eat at all.  Surely starvation is worse than high blood pressure?

We also love MSG.  In fact, our heart skips a beat every time we see that abbreviation — even if it is just short for “message.”  If God had not created MSG, man would have been forced to invent it.  We love the sweaty way we feel almost immediately after taking our first dose in soups or sauces.  We relish the way our heart beats its funny, irregular rythmn and our skin becomes hot to the touch.  That’s magic in our book.

Update:  a Food Network representative has categorically denied Mr. Copperfield’s “secret ingredient” is either salt or MSG.  She would not comment further.

Read More at TV Broadway World here: Food Network Announces December 2012 Highlights.

Blue Men Invade Lance Burton’s Theatre

There are two kinds of people in this world.  But both kinds would feel likely feel sad watching blue people occupy the only "legitimate theatre" in Las Vegas and former home Master Magician Lance Burton.

Those who cherish magic for magic's sake would be dismayed to see the stage once graced by lovely assistants, ever-changing illusions and one of the finest magicians of our era replaced by non-magicians.

The other group of people would be those who didn't really care about Lance Burton and had hoped that his award-winning show would be scrapped in favor or anoxic-complected, bald men who hit things and acted surprised but hate the idea that such an avant guard show would appear in such a magnificent and decidedly un-trendy theatre. 

We are of the first group and would hope to avoid those of the second. 

The Blue Men parachuted onto the plaza outside the Monte Carlo hotel today to announce their presence with authority while not speaking.   They don't talk.  They are just blue and they do funny things.  Kind of like big drunk Smurfs with shaved heads. 

For those hoping to have a blue themed evening, $179.00 buys a three-course meal and tickets to their show.  You can order from the special Blue Man Menu and even get aprèstheatre cocktails for that price.  Considering the regular tickets are priced at $125.00, this  is either a great deal or a way to sell really cheap food and watered down blue drinks. 

The Blue Men are returning to the Monte Carlo from the Venetian Hotel and replacing the dance group The Jabbawockeez.  The Jabbawockeez are temporarily performing down-under at the Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia awaiting their new theatre's construction at the Luxor.




    The Year of Penn Continues

    Penn & Teller joined the select few included in the UNLV Entertainer & Artist Hall of Fame this weekend. Siegfried Fischbacher and Lance Burton attended, showing their support for the magic duo.

    Former Nevada Lieutenant Governor, lounge singer and hall of fame member Lorraine Hunt-Bono presented the team their beautiful and pointy crystal trophies. Teller broke his silence to say "thanks" to the attendees.

    Las Vegas Sun columnist John Katsilometes has deigned 2012 to be The Year of Penn:

    I'd joked that 2012 was shaping up as the Year of Penn, given his ubiquitous-ness in the first 4 months of this year. Jillette even showed up at Marty Allen's 90th birthday party celebration at Palace Station on Saturday afternoon, joining a similarly odd collection of celebs and newsmakers onstage at Louie Anderson Theater that included Allen, Mayor Carolyn Goodman (presenting Allen with a key to the city), former mayor Oscar Goodman, Anderson and Allen's wife, Karon Kate Blackwell.

    It does seem Penn is appearing in more places and garnering more television time. We have seen him on political talk shows, British stump the magician series and of course The Celebrity Apprentice. He survived last night's episode and thus continues his fund-raising for Opportunity Village, a Las Vegas foundation providing vocational training for our fellow citizens with intellectual disabilities.

    "If I worked all the time I was on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' and gave all that money instead to Opportunity Village (laughs), they would do better," he says. "But I give them a lot of attention, no question about that, I have raised awareness. So you can't be too cynical about it."

    Penn & Teller continue to entertain capacity crowds at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and offer the best magic per dollar spent in town.

    Siegfried & Roy: “A Christmas Miracle”

    Robin Leach describes Siegfried & Roy recently leaked news as "beyond magic — it's a Christmas miracle." The duo announced they will soon be celebrating "a very big step in Roy's extraordinary rehabilitation this holiday season."

    The magical pair was on hand to support the local charity, Opportunity Village and host their annual party for friends and colleagues from their record-breaking magic show at the Mirage Casino and Resort and conservation project co-workers.

    Mr. Leach reports the assembled cast, crew and staff greeted Siegfried & Roy with a standing ovation upon their arrival at the event. According to Mr. Leach, "Roy, who suffered severe blood loss, was said to have died three times on the operating table at the University Medical Center trauma unit here in his fight for life. He suffered partial paralysis and, at one point to relieve the pressure on his swollen brain, part of his skull was removed and protected in his stomach pouch. It was later reattached during his long-term recovery and rehabilitation at UCLA Medical Center."

    Roy's recovery has been long and difficult but has apparently progressed to the point where he can ride a horse once again. Roy surprised Siegfried with the gift of two horses and his promise "that they'll be able to ride together at their Little Bavaria farm."

    Siegfried told Mr. Leach he managed him to ride for 35 minutes this week – his first such activity since his injury. "In fact, we had to beg him to stop and get off so he wouldn't be sore," said one of the riding instructors helping with Roy's recovery workout program.

    The development not only marks encouraging progress in Roy's physical therapy and rehabilitation, it also gives him the freedom to traverse the couple's ranch independent of his wheelchair or walking cane.


    Continue reading “Siegfried & Roy: “A Christmas Miracle””

    Mac King Wows ‘Em at London’s Palladium

    The Las Vegas Sun reports that Inside Magic favorite and all around good guy and great magician Mac King took part in the prestigious Palladium Magic Show in London, England.

    The show celebrated a century of Magic at the prestigious theater (“theatre” in metric).

    Mac King told the paper of record for the town that keeps no records and admits nothing,  “I was mighty excited to be a part of the one-night event 100 Years of Magic at The Palladium. Playing the London Palladium is every performer’s dream. It was a great show and a wonderful audience.”

    You (or someone you have who does such things for you) can see the poster and program for what must have been an incredible event here.

    via Strip Scribbles: Monday, Sept. 26, 2011 – Las Vegas Sun.

    Criss Angel: Magic Broadcasting Network Ready for Launch

    Magician Criss Angel’s Magic Broadcasting Network (“MBN”) is on the pad, into its final countdown and making final safety checks before its launch into the interweb net.

    In keeping with the astronaut theme, we note Angel’s launch party will come with major star-power.

    The site takes flight at Monday evening at 9:00 p.m. (midnight EDT) when Robin Leach introduces Angel; who in turn welcomes Siegfried Fischbacher, Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, David Hasselhoff and Flavor Flav.

    We understand the television studio is located right on the strip and is fully “tricked out” with the latest 3D animation, video technology, and soundstages for the 14 shows on the initial schedule.

    (See what we did there?  “Tricked out” and Criss Angel is a magician who is launching a magic-oriented television and web portal? Our wit is so sharp we can shave just by bumping up against it in the morning).

    Robin Leach will be tweeting and reporting from the fete Tuesday.  Check out his preview and schedule here: Criss Angel readies launch of his online Magic Broadcasting Network – Las Vegas Sun.

    Magician Jan Rouven Takes Place in ‘Justice League’

    Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Mike Weatherford suggests only the the discriminating magic show consumer can decide whether the town really needs a half-dozen big-box illusion shows.  He asks, “So many magicians, but who has the real magic?”

    Magician Jan Rouven is the sixth “big-box” illusionist on the town this summer.  Steve Wyrick boosted the big-boxers total to an even seven with his new Ultra Magician show at the Las Vegas Hilton.

    Mr. Weatherford points out that there may be six or seven shows but there is some overlap.  “Each show pretends to ignore the others, which is one reason you see a lot of the material duplicated. Another is that none of the contenders has been humble enough to propose some type of Justice League of magic team-up; they all hope the others will go away.”

    The review is good for the new name on the scene.

    “He’s a young, likable German with charisma and only minimally goofy stage attire (sparkly yes, but no epaulets or animal prints),” says Mr. Weatherford.

    Rouven presents one of the oldest of the “big-box” effects, Metamorphosis with a dangerous update.  The magician and beautiful, but stealthy assistant Johanna Grajales perform the classic in “lighting fast” fashion.  The speedy exchange is even more incredible considering Rouven begins the transposition securely locked in tank of water.

    “It’s refreshing,” Mr. Weatherford observes, “to have an illusionist young and physically spry enough to play the danger card convincingly, not just jamming younger assistants into boxes.”
    Continue reading “Magician Jan Rouven Takes Place in ‘Justice League’”