Siegfried & Roy: “A Christmas Miracle”

Inside Magic Image of Siegfried & RoyRobin Leach describes Siegfried & Roy recently leaked news as "beyond magic — it's a Christmas miracle." The duo announced they will soon be celebrating "a very big step in Roy's extraordinary rehabilitation this holiday season."

The magical pair was on hand to support the local charity, Opportunity Village and host their annual party for friends and colleagues from their record-breaking magic show at the Mirage Casino and Resort and conservation project co-workers.

Mr. Leach reports the assembled cast, crew and staff greeted Siegfried & Roy with a standing ovation upon their arrival at the event. According to Mr. Leach, "Roy, who suffered severe blood loss, was said to have died three times on the operating table at the University Medical Center trauma unit here in his fight for life. He suffered partial paralysis and, at one point to relieve the pressure on his swollen brain, part of his skull was removed and protected in his stomach pouch. It was later reattached during his long-term recovery and rehabilitation at UCLA Medical Center."

Roy's recovery has been long and difficult but has apparently progressed to the point where he can ride a horse once again. Roy surprised Siegfried with the gift of two horses and his promise "that they'll be able to ride together at their Little Bavaria farm."

Siegfried told Mr. Leach he managed him to ride for 35 minutes this week – his first such activity since his injury. "In fact, we had to beg him to stop and get off so he wouldn't be sore," said one of the riding instructors helping with Roy's recovery workout program.

The development not only marks encouraging progress in Roy's physical therapy and rehabilitation, it also gives him the freedom to traverse the couple's ranch independent of his wheelchair or walking cane.


"It's a miracle," Siegfried told me. "It was a promise he made to me for Christmas, and he's already fulfilled it. Roy is a real magician … this achievement is fantastic."

Roy told Mr. Leach he plans to lead next year's Opportunity Village events from horseback.

"I want it to be an hour on the horse for Christmas Day, and then we'll lead the Great Santa Run next year on horseback Opportunity Village. I wanted something truly incredible and wonderful for Christmas, and this is it. It's something I want to do every day now. I'm feeling very strong and confident about it."

Opportunity Village, founded in 1954 by a small group of local families seeking to improve the lives of their children with intellectual disabilities, is a not-for-profit organization now serving more than 3,000 people annually with vocational training, community job placement and life skills. The Magical Forest was opened by Mayor Carolyn Goodman on Nov. 25 and remains open through New Year's Day.

Check out Mr. Leach's full column in The Las Vegas Sun, read more about Roy's work and success and even see a picture of Mr. Leach with the attractive up-and-comer Angel Porrino.

For some reason, a statistically significant number of articles related to magic in Las Vegas is accompanied by Miss Porrino – former assistant to Criss Angel ex-girlfriend Holly Madison. In fact, Miss Porrino sent her former employer a direct message via twitter "I know magic … Poof. Do away w/ ya clothes!" We are not sure what she intended by the message but technically, she is not really describing magic unless she is revealing the secret behind a quick-change routine – in which case; she should be cautioned and admonished.

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