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Friday Free Advertising: Jay Sankey

Jay Sankey ImageWe have praised Jay Sankey and reviewed (very favorably) his lectures.   He is innovative and practical with real professional routines deserving of your consideration.  Today is just such an offering.

If you are a potential Friday Free Advertising Candidate, send us your details and even ad copy for consideration.  If you include the effect, we’ll review the effect but inform Inside Magic readers that we have received the effect from you.  Send what you have to FFA@insidemagic.com

Mr. Sankey has not provided any compensation or promise of compensation for this Friday Free Advertisement.

Sankey Magic

Last week I performed at a cocktail party, and I astounded everybody with one of my most shocking ‘mental connection’ tricks.

To watch this powerful trick in action CLICK HERE!

With ‘Simultaneous’ the deck is cut into two halves, and you randomly touch a face-down card from one of the halves…

…then the spectator freely selects a second face-down card, from the other half of the pack.

And when both cards are turned over…they’re revealed to be MATES! (eg. two black Jacks, two red Fours, etc.)

*’Simultaneous’ is VERY easy to do.
*The spectator really has 100% free choice.
*The secret gimmick works with most brands of cards.
*And the method is SO sneaky – it even fools experienced magicians!

FREE GIFT! This week I’m including ‘Simultaneous’ as a FREE GIFT with all orders for ‘Inside Job’ ($15 value!)

And with ‘Inside Job’ you’ll be able to perform a killer ‘impossible location’ trick – using a borrowed finger ring, coin, key or even an earring!

Together, the two tricks are a $40.00 value.

But until Sunday night at 12:00 midnight, you can order both for JUST $17.95.

To order my ‘Inside Job’ magic pack before they sell-out CLICK HERE NOW.

This weekend – blow someone’s mind!


“Simultaneous takes the classic ‘Do As I Do’ trick to an insane new level.”-Roger West

“Inside Job is a rock star level effect.”-Danny Tanner

“Jay performed ‘Simultaneous’ during his lecture for our club, and when he revealed the secret everybody gasped. So darn clever!”-Donny Brannigan

“I’ve never had people respond to a trick like they do with Inside Job. Can’t thank you enough.”-Michael Leeson

Magician and Teacher Jay Sankey Rocks

This will seem like more like an endorsement than Magic News.  And it is an endorsement but not paid or even asked for by Jay Sankey.

Mr. Sankey has released, by our last count, a billion or more effects on the market and has very effective email and Twitter campaigns.  It could be that he also is in Instasnap, Facegroup or the other sites the kids use to share important selfies and ponderings about their selfies but we don’t have accounts on those services because we are very old – at least over 24 – and so are, as the kids say, “not down with them.”

We could have written this endorsement and fanboy tract at any time but we were struck by the beauty of a force taught for free by Mr. Sankey last night.  You can see it for yourself here.  We had never considered the very simple move taught but will now use it frequently.

The force taught is like most of the things offered by Mr. Sankey: easy to perform, effective and highly commercial.  We know he lectures like no other from our personal attendance at several of his teaching sessions over the years.  His prices are fair; maybe even a little low for the volume of effects and moves you receive.  His instructions are clear; even we can understand and use them with relatively little practice time.  Keep in mind that it took us 30 years to learn how to effectively perform a push-off second deal and we still cannot perform a pressure fan – much to our embarrassment and shame amongst the professionals with whom we associate.

If you haven’t heard of Mr. Sankey, it could be that you are new to magic or don’t have friends in magic or have never used the internet to look up “magic.”  That doesn’t make you a bad person – there may be other things that could be the basis for such an accusation about your character.  Perhaps you cut in line, make questionably shaped balloon animals for your own private enjoyment, or copy DVDs purchased by others.  But we assume readers of Inside Magic are good people.  The kind who would never do such things.  We also assume readers of Inside Magic understand we often stray from our main topic and do not have our text properly reviewed by a team of editors to remove such strayings.  For instance, we don’t even thing “strayings” is a word but our editor quit over a wage dispute.  She wanted to be paid for her work and would not accept our promise to pay when we sold the insidemagic.com domain.

Anyway, back to Mr. Sankey.  We have attended lectures where he spent extra time to help the slow among the audience – primarily us – to learn his effects even though the tricks were not ones he was selling.  He just did it because … well, we don’t know why.  Perhaps he likes to teach magic.  As a community, magicians are fortunate that this is his motive.  He does it well and often.

You can check out his site here.  You can learn the force we mentioned by going here.

Mr. Sankey didn’t ask us to write this and certainly didn’t pay us – otherwise we would still have our editor.

Jay Sankey is an official Inside Magic Favorite.

Jay Sankey’s Big A** Boxes of Magic Tonight Live 9:00pm

Inside Magic Image of Mom and Son Enjoying Latest Installment of GAF View-Master Magic Disk of the Month Club!As regular or irregular readers of Inside Magic know, we never tout tricks or sites unless there is something in it for us or we think there could be something for us if we kiss-up well enough.

We have few friends but the ones we have are suckers for sucking up.

That is why this article has some gravitas.  We get nothing out of this post; not one thing.  Jay Sankey is a great magician and he has been kind to Inside Magic over the last 45 years but he did not ask us to promote his “Big A** Party’ scheduled for this evening at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  We don’t know what time that would be in metric so you will have to do your own extrapolation if necessary.

Apparently there will be things to win and a chance to question Mr. Sankey live via YouTube.com.  He has his very own YouTube Channel, “Bending the Real.”

We have our own GAF View-Master Disk of the Month Club that is also exciting and will feature 3-D images of Las Vegas Headliners Charro and Dan Rowan (of Rowan and Martin – Laugh-In fame) performing a levitation.

The comedy ensues when it is the staid and mustachioed Dan Rowan who levitates whilst Charro stares upward in disbelief.  This was part of a three GAF Viewmaster set and originally sold for $10.00 (plus tax).  Through an exclusive deal with the publisher (the last of the great GAF View-Master Disk producers, Vanderman and Sons, Inc. of Sioux City, Iowa, we can give the disks away to our members without any additional cost over and above the monthly subscription rate of $19.99 (USD) (Please, no stamps).

We felt obligated to add our own plug because there was no payback for us otherwise.

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