Jay Sankey’s Big A** Boxes of Magic Tonight Live 9:00pm

Inside Magic Image of Mom and Son Enjoying Latest Installment of GAF View-Master Magic Disk of the Month Club!As regular or irregular readers of Inside Magic know, we never tout tricks or sites unless there is something in it for us or we think there could be something for us if we kiss-up well enough.

We have few friends but the ones we have are suckers for sucking up.

That is why this article has some gravitas.  We get nothing out of this post; not one thing.  Jay Sankey is a great magician and he has been kind to Inside Magic over the last 45 years but he did not ask us to promote his “Big A** Party’ scheduled for this evening at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  We don’t know what time that would be in metric so you will have to do your own extrapolation if necessary.

Apparently there will be things to win and a chance to question Mr. Sankey live via YouTube.com.  He has his very own YouTube Channel, “Bending the Real.”

We have our own GAF View-Master Disk of the Month Club that is also exciting and will feature 3-D images of Las Vegas Headliners Charro and Dan Rowan (of Rowan and Martin – Laugh-In fame) performing a levitation.

The comedy ensues when it is the staid and mustachioed Dan Rowan who levitates whilst Charro stares upward in disbelief.  This was part of a three GAF Viewmaster set and originally sold for $10.00 (plus tax).  Through an exclusive deal with the publisher (the last of the great GAF View-Master Disk producers, Vanderman and Sons, Inc. of Sioux City, Iowa, we can give the disks away to our members without any additional cost over and above the monthly subscription rate of $19.99 (USD) (Please, no stamps).

We felt obligated to add our own plug because there was no payback for us otherwise.

Here is the notice from Jay Sankey.  We have cleaned up the text to conform with the strict editorial guidelines imposed on us by the District Court in and for Hennington Gulf, Florida.

Join the ‘BIG A** PARTY’ tonight at 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time!


Tonight @ 9:00PM EST Jay will be LIVE on his new ‘Bending the Real’ Youtube channel to answer YOUR questions + post a few questions of his own. The first 3 fans to answer Jay’s questions correctly will automatically win a FREE ‘BIG A** BOX OF MAGIC’ worth over $500!



You must be a SUBSCRIBER to the new BTR channel to win 1 of the 3 ‘BIG A** BOXES.’ We also suggest you spend a few minutes watching some the great bending videos (because Jay’s questions will be ABOUT THE BENDING VIDEOS.)



Tonight on the ‘Bending the Real’ channel Jay will also be posting the last two ‘Big A**’ videos featuring information about even MORE stuff he is ‘putting inside the box.’ Jay will also FINALLY BE ANNOUNCING THE PRICE of the ‘BIG A** BOX’ with a video you are going to remember for a long time!


If you thought Jay was crazy a few days ago, now you will KNOW FOR SURE. The guy just added even MORE stuff to the box! Watch these 2 brand new videos right now!



Join Jay TONIGHT @ 9PM Eastern Standard Time (same as New York City) on the new ‘BENDING THE REAL’ channel! ALL WILL BE REVEALED.


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