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WonderBash is Coming – Not Just Magic Tricks

Promo Poster for WonderBashWe just heard from our friends in Grand Rapids, Michigan that a new convention is on tap for April.  If you have news you would like to share with our tens of readers, just hit the submit button above and let us know.  We’re always looking for good magic news.

Introducing a new magic convention that’s “more than tricks” : WonderBash April 21-23 in Grand Rapids, MI. Only 150 registrations available. Register now and book your discounted room at the beautiful Amway Grand Plaza Hotel before spaces run out!

3 Stage Shows at Wealthy Theatre

Shock Illusionist Dan Sperry “Strange Magic” (Full Theatre Show)

Mario the Maker Magician LIVE (Full Theatre Show)

Amaze & Amuse: A Modern Day Magic Show ( Ft. Michael Turco, Paige Thompson, Trent James, Elliott Hunter and Will Juggle)

6 Lectures (Mario the Maker Magician, Rick Merrill, Dan Sperry, Michael Turco, Trent James, Steve Cabe)

Exclusive Book (only available to Wonderbash Registrants / Never to be reprinted) Contributions from WonderBash Performers and other top magicians including Jeff Hobson, Farrell Dillon, Fred Becker, Bill Cook, Louie Foxx and more!

Seminar and Conversation on Mental Health for Entertainers with Jeff Veley

Close-Up Show featuring Paige Thompson and Luis Carreon.

Thursday Night Comedy Show with Andy Beningo and Friends

and many more surprises!

Friday Free Advertising: Jay Sankey

Jay Sankey ImageWe have praised Jay Sankey and reviewed (very favorably) his lectures.   He is innovative and practical with real professional routines deserving of your consideration.  Today is just such an offering.

If you are a potential Friday Free Advertising Candidate, send us your details and even ad copy for consideration.  If you include the effect, we’ll review the effect but inform Inside Magic readers that we have received the effect from you.  Send what you have to

Mr. Sankey has not provided any compensation or promise of compensation for this Friday Free Advertisement.

Sankey Magic

Last week I performed at a cocktail party, and I astounded everybody with one of my most shocking ‘mental connection’ tricks.

To watch this powerful trick in action CLICK HERE!

With ‘Simultaneous’ the deck is cut into two halves, and you randomly touch a face-down card from one of the halves…

…then the spectator freely selects a second face-down card, from the other half of the pack.

And when both cards are turned over…they’re revealed to be MATES! (eg. two black Jacks, two red Fours, etc.)

*’Simultaneous’ is VERY easy to do.
*The spectator really has 100% free choice.
*The secret gimmick works with most brands of cards.
*And the method is SO sneaky – it even fools experienced magicians!

FREE GIFT! This week I’m including ‘Simultaneous’ as a FREE GIFT with all orders for ‘Inside Job’ ($15 value!)

And with ‘Inside Job’ you’ll be able to perform a killer ‘impossible location’ trick – using a borrowed finger ring, coin, key or even an earring!

Together, the two tricks are a $40.00 value.

But until Sunday night at 12:00 midnight, you can order both for JUST $17.95.

To order my ‘Inside Job’ magic pack before they sell-out CLICK HERE NOW.

This weekend – blow someone’s mind!


“Simultaneous takes the classic ‘Do As I Do’ trick to an insane new level.”-Roger West

“Inside Job is a rock star level effect.”-Danny Tanner

“Jay performed ‘Simultaneous’ during his lecture for our club, and when he revealed the secret everybody gasped. So darn clever!”-Donny Brannigan

“I’ve never had people respond to a trick like they do with Inside Job. Can’t thank you enough.”-Michael Leeson