Magic and Groupon Equals More Magic for Less

Inside Magic Image of Drawing Showing Us Performing for the Hardy FamilyWe love magic, magic shops, magic shows and magic tricks. We also love our money – not like Scrooge McDuck (although one of our nephews does walk and sort of sound like Huey, Dewey and/or Louie) – and so we look constantly for great deals.

The Masters of Illusion tour is headed towards the bucolic home of Inside Magic about three weeks from now. We did a quick online search of the internet thing and saw that the tour promoters have worked with Groupon in several cities to bring pretty hefty discounts and great seats to the discount-seeking public.

For instance, the Masters of Illusion show will be at the beautiful Count Basie Theatre tomorrow, Friday, February 1, at 8 p.m. You could purchase full price tickets or use your Groupon deal to get two orchestra section tickets for $59.00 or two tickets in the balcony (romantic) for $43.00.

We were not expert in math – certainly gooder than other subjects at the “boarding school” we attended in compliance with the court’s order – and we figure that’s a sizeable reduction in cost. The pair of seats in the orchestra would be around $110.00 and the two in the balcony would run around $78.00.

Unfortunately, the deal is closed now. They apparently sold 150 of the packages and that bodes well for a packed house for tomorrow night’s show.

If you missed the Masters of Illusion deal, you could still benefit from Groupon’s largesse thanks to a deal struck with Rogue Magic and Funshop in Elmhurst, NY.

Rogue has their own production each Saturday night and thanks to Groupon, you could score one of the following:

$10 for magic-show tickets for two (a $24 value)

$18 for magic-show tickets for four (a $48 value)

The Magic shows are available every Saturday night from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the shop; or,

$34 for a private, 90-minute magic lesson (a $130 value)

Lessons for magic-lovers of all ages are available by appointment; or,

$15 for $30 worth of costumes, accessories, and magic supplies such as exploding pens ($4.99), shocking pens ($9.99), and the rising-card trick ($29.99).

This is a smart move by Rogue’s management. We wish we had thought of it first but we are certainly not above creating our own homage to their genius by using Groupon for our magic related services. Some would say it is beneath us to steal such a brilliant way of getting business but those voices likely belong to a different circle than the one in which we stumble.

We note that the Transportation Security Administration has not issued a ruling regarding exploding or shocking pens for domestic or international commercial air travel. AMTRAK will permit passengers to carry either or both but ironically will not permit any sort of rising card effects on routes of more than 250 miles in duration.

Check out Groupon in your city, sign-up and reap the rewards.

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