Vote for Magician Mac King Today!

Image of Juan Evo Morales AymaThere is no provision in the US Constitution establishing or regulating voting for magicians.  We have checked it out pretty carefully but didn’t even see the word “Magician” in the text.
But, as every good lawyer knows, sometimes it is what the document does not say that gives meaning.
Actually, we just made that up.  We cannot think of a single example that would support such a ridiculous proposition.
Nonetheless, we do believe the voting for Magician is a solemn duty of every  magic citizen and note that the campaign season is upon us once again.
In fact just this afternoon, Bill Voelkner, producer of the Mac King Comedy Magic Show, sent us a reminder to vote in the Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas Poll.
These are the Categories to Vote for Mr. King:

Best Magician
Best Bargain Show
Best Las Vegas Attraction
Best All-Around Performer
Favorite Male Las Vegan

This year voters have three methods of registering their preference.
You can head over to the Las Vegas Review Journal’s special voting site and do it online through that web page; or
You can go to on your smartphone / tablet browser or send a text “BOLV” to 772937 from your smartphone.
It took us 22 minutes to decode BOLV.  It stands for “Best of Las Vegas.”
We assumed, wrongly, it was a typo for Bolivia and so we have apparently submitted thousands of votes to a completely unrelated on-line poll in that South American country.  Of course, if Mac King does unseat current Bolivian president Evo Morales, we will claim our rightful credit and attempt to gain some cushy patronage job from Mr. King.
We have included a picture of President Morales performing a pretty decent card trick above.

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