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Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Masters of Illusion Renewed for 2015

Inside Magic Image of Penn & Teller's Fool UsAccording to Variety, the CW has ordered another season of “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” and “Masters of Illusion” for 2015.

That is great news for magic fans and portends great things for the future of our great art.

Fool Us originally aired ITV in the UK in 2011.  The production team edited those episodes and repackaged the shows for the CW’s US broadcast this year.

The series received consistently great ratings and – if you asked us – it was a no-brainer for the network to order a new season.

That’s good news but even better news is that they will need to shoot new shows to meet the CW’s order. Penn Jillette promised if renewed, they would film in the US and with US magicians. We have no doubt he will keep his promise.

“Masters of Illusion” had some fantastic acts in this year’s episodes. We do not know if they will need to tape additional acts to meet the renewal order but will report as soon as we hear.

This is great news indeed.

Magic and Groupon Equals More Magic for Less

Inside Magic Image of Drawing Showing Us Performing for the Hardy FamilyWe love magic, magic shops, magic shows and magic tricks. We also love our money – not like Scrooge McDuck (although one of our nephews does walk and sort of sound like Huey, Dewey and/or Louie) – and so we look constantly for great deals.

The Masters of Illusion tour is headed towards the bucolic home of Inside Magic about three weeks from now. We did a quick online search of the internet thing and saw that the tour promoters have worked with Groupon in several cities to bring pretty hefty discounts and great seats to the discount-seeking public.

For instance, the Masters of Illusion show will be at the beautiful Count Basie Theatre tomorrow, Friday, February 1, at 8 p.m. You could purchase full price tickets or use your Groupon deal to get two orchestra section tickets for $59.00 or two tickets in the balcony (romantic) for $43.00.

We were not expert in math – certainly gooder than other subjects at the “boarding school” we attended in compliance with the court’s order – and we figure that’s a sizeable reduction in cost. The pair of seats in the orchestra would be around $110.00 and the two in the balcony would run around $78.00.

Unfortunately, the deal is closed now. They apparently sold 150 of the packages and that bodes well for a packed house for tomorrow night’s show.
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