Ronen Goldman: Magician of Light

Inside Magic Image of Ronen Goldman's Incredible Surrealistic Master Magician PhotographWe can pick out the word “Magician” from a thousand paces.  If there is a magic book or a book with the word “magic” in the title on a shelf along the Great Wall of China, we could see it from outer space.  Our brain is just like that.  It was trained as a “Li’l Brain” to find things that represented danger (knives, fire, flaming knives and out-of-date mayonnaise) and those things that brought pleasure (magic books or tricks, 9-volt batteries, fresh mayonnaise and the annual Sears catalog).

This skill or instinctual survival mechanism has paid off handsomely.  We have avoided the scary bad things while we have lived a life full of great magic, cheap electric shocks to the tongue, a stable source of protein and an encyclopedic understanding how women’s hosiery and undergarments have changed in structure and style since the mid-1960s.

It made sense, then, that we noticed a blurb about surrealist photographer, Ronen Goldman’s work.  He does amazing things with the camera, mysterious and wondrous things.  One of his images is titled “The Magician” and features an unidentified performer throwing cards around one tree and behind another.  We do not want to infringe on his intellectual property and have included just a portion of the image to peak your interest.

We do not know much about photography other than it apparently involves “light” + “writing” if it is true to its Greek root words.  We do not know how to make trick photographs and so, to us, what Mr. Goldman does is magic.

Like a good magician, Mr. Goldman does not reveal his secrets.  We cannot identify the card throwing magician.

“I don’t love telling everything, just for the reason of the effect on people — like when a magician does something, you really don’t want to know — but if it helps an actual photographer to go out and do cool stuff, I’m for it,” he says. “It’s not like it’s a big secret about what I’m doing.”

He has an Etsy store where you can buy his images as well as a neat thread on Reddit where he does divulge some but not all of his very cool methods.
You should check out his web page at He has talent and we like the way he sees the world.

Check out his Facebook Page here:


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