From Rachel Colombini

Inside Magic Image of Aldo and Rachel ColombiniWe received this very moving note from Rachel Colombini via Maria Ibâñez’ Have You Heard newsletter. Visit Aldo and Rachel’s site for more information on how you can help at this very critical time. Our prayers are with Rachel and Aldo.

Hi everyone, this last week was extremely tough as Aldo’s mother passed away unexpectedly Wed Morning and under normal circumstances we would have gone to Italy to be with his daughter but because of the situation and my health we could not fly to Italy.

Aldo was very good about this and I understand how hard this has been for him. Thanks to all those who sent condolences.

We will fly to NY Wednesday and then I have surgical testing all day Thurs, a brain scan and blood work. The operation will be Monday the 22nd.

It is hard for me right now to know what to say, I know that I must stay positive and to believe that the outcome will be ok.

Please do not judge me for this moment of weakness, but in case of the worst scenario, I want you all to know that I could never have asked for a greater response and love that has been outpouring from the magic world. I will do everything in my power to be back and be able to do the magic that I love so much and to continue my life with a man that has given me so much joy.

Even if this is not the case then please know that I am eternally grateful for what everyone in the magic world has done for me.

Please pray for me and know that you are a great source of strength.

If there is a slight delay in news updates from Aldo’s end because he is at the hospital do not worry Maria will keep ypu updated.

All my love to you all,



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