David Blaine May Have Been Ribald at Some Point in Time

Image of David Blaine on Inside MagicWizbang Pop! reports this morning on a timeless story.

By timeless, we do not mean it will stand the test of time.

We mean, there is no date given for the unattributed claims about David Blaine and his romantic relationships with “many women.”

Do not get us wrong.  We like scandal and titillating innuendo as much as the next high-quality daily magic news source.  But there has to be steak to go with that sizzle.  We want fries with that shake.  We would at least like to know the adventure in love and its manifestations happened in this century.

Writes Wizbang Pop!, “The two had a kinky and wild sex life according to Blaine.”

There is a description of a favorite method of expressing one’s fondness allegedly preferred by Fiona Apple.  We do not know Ms. Apple and so do not feel comfortable exposing the method d’ amour David Blaine was said to have practiced.

Unless we know the person intimately — say a family member or work colleague — we refuse to contribute to the stream of gossip and sensationalism.  Now, if the story involved one of the Hardy clan, we would tell what we knew, what we thought we knew, what we wished we knew, and show pictures (even photoshopped versions for clarity) and streaming video featuring puppets and gaudy soundtrack.

That’s just the way we are.

If you must, you can read the details here:

Kinks Of The Stars: David Blaine & Fiona Apple’s Wild Relationship | Wizbang Pop!.

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