Rachel Colombini: More Good News!

Inside Magic Image of Aldo and Rachel ColombiniMore from Maria Ibáñez:

Greetings, just spoke with Aldo….GREAT NEWS….Rachel has been sitting up most of the day and they had her take a few steps around the bed. She is still in ICU but so far so good! Keep those prayers coming

We also heard from Aldo yesterday via Maria:
Hi everyone, a brief message just to let you know that Rachel is now recovery in ICU.
I spent an hour with her and she opened her eyes a few times and nodded letting me know that she knew I was there.
What a joy!!
I am home now as they do not want you around in the ICU at night time.
I will be able to give you more details as they are available to me but surgery went well.
I realized one thing: If I did not have a heart attack today….I will never have it.
Wow….what a day…what a tension…. Rachel was great, strong and always positive.
After 45 minutes from surgery she was already breathing alone without help from machines, tubes, etc. Amazing.
Please bear with me at this time and keep Rachel and myself in your thoughts and prayers.
Love to all, Aldo

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