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Rachel Colombini: More Good News!

Inside Magic Image of Aldo and Rachel ColombiniMore from Maria Ibáñez:

Greetings, just spoke with Aldo….GREAT NEWS….Rachel has been sitting up most of the day and they had her take a few steps around the bed. She is still in ICU but so far so good! Keep those prayers coming

We also heard from Aldo yesterday via Maria:
Hi everyone, a brief message just to let you know that Rachel is now recovery in ICU.
I spent an hour with her and she opened her eyes a few times and nodded letting me know that she knew I was there.
What a joy!!
I am home now as they do not want you around in the ICU at night time.
I will be able to give you more details as they are available to me but surgery went well.
I realized one thing: If I did not have a heart attack today….I will never have it.
Wow….what a day…what a tension…. Rachel was great, strong and always positive.
After 45 minutes from surgery she was already breathing alone without help from machines, tubes, etc. Amazing.
Please bear with me at this time and keep Rachel and myself in your thoughts and prayers.
Love to all, Aldo

Rachel Colombini ..UPDATE 4:00 P.M

Inside Magic Image of Aldo and Rachel Colombini

This just in from Maria Ibáñez:

Greetings, bless the Lord, Rachel is out of surgery as of 3:30 and is being prepared so Aldo can see her in coronary intensive care.   The surgery went well and she is expected to be out for a few hours, possibly midnight or later before she is “awake”, BUT, she is out of surgery and doing well.

Aldo, as you can imagine is very happy and as to be expected emotional with all that has happened today.   He is thankful that she is out of surgery and that he will get to see her soon. As promised, I will keep you informed on her progress as I get word.   Aldo cannot have a cell phone in the area where she is in the hospital so I have to wait for him to call me.   It might be much later tonight before another update. Thank you for your support and thank you for keeping them in your prayers. Maria

From Rachel Colombini

Inside Magic Image of Aldo and Rachel ColombiniWe received this very moving note from Rachel Colombini via Maria Ibâñez’ Have You Heard newsletter. Visit Aldo and Rachel’s site for more information on how you can help at this very critical time. Our prayers are with Rachel and Aldo.

Hi everyone, this last week was extremely tough as Aldo’s mother passed away unexpectedly Wed Morning and under normal circumstances we would have gone to Italy to be with his daughter but because of the situation and my health we could not fly to Italy.

Aldo was very good about this and I understand how hard this has been for him. Thanks to all those who sent condolences.

We will fly to NY Wednesday and then I have surgical testing all day Thurs, a brain scan and blood work. The operation will be Monday the 22nd.

It is hard for me right now to know what to say, I know that I must stay positive and to believe that the outcome will be ok.

Please do not judge me for this moment of weakness, but in case of the worst scenario, I want you all to know that I could never have asked for a greater response and love that has been outpouring from the magic world. I will do everything in my power to be back and be able to do the magic that I love so much and to continue my life with a man that has given me so much joy.

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Charlotte Pendragon in Illusion Dispute

Waiting for MagicThere are few things we read religiously – other than religious things – and one of those few things is Maria Ibáñez’ weekly email Have You Heard?  She writes about important Magic things and she writes with such an easy style. 

If you are not on her list, you should be.  You will agree that she writes gooder than almost anyone you have readed before.  Present company occluded.  Subscribe by visiting her specially designed page at Merlina.Com

This week, we learned of some unfortunate Pendragon trouble.  They have been through so much in the last year and it does not sound like things are getting better.

What follows is a note from John R. Browne III (the IBM’s lawyer) detailing problems with purchasing illusions from Charlotte Pendragon. 

Editor’s note: we have no idea why he capitalizes some words in the text.  We do not interpret it to mean he is yelling those words.  Maybe he does intend the reader to think he is yelling the words but that would also make the reader think he is unstable because there does not seem to be a pattern to the all-caps style.

Well, actually, we do have an idea why he would capitalize some of the words.  Lawyers often put key words in ALL CAPITALS when writing legal documents.  In the biz, we call those words “Defined Terms.”  You see the practice in pleadings and contracts.  Perhaps Mr. Browne is contemplating a pleading or contract (such as a settlement agreement) and his letter includes some of the text verbatim.

We make it a point to never bear hug a dove worker before they go on stage or question another lawyer’s writing style.  We intend to live by these simple rules until it is somehow convenient or makes us look good. 

Inside Magic has no independent knowledge about the information in Mr. Browne’s letter but we were able to find a similar post on Alan Watson’s Magic New Zealand weekly newsletter.  That does not make it any truer – they are the same post from Mr. Browne – but it does increase the chances that Charlotte Pendragon would respond to the allegations.

We will update this story if such a refutation is published anywhere. 

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